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Our facility offers a variety of activities & events year round for people of all ages to partake in, from ice skating, speedskating to skateboarding and inline skating. See additional activity information below or on 
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The Roseville Skating School is under the direction of the Roseville Parks and Recreation Department and is run in accordance with the ISI (Ice Skating Institute). We are dedicated to provide a quality ice skating program for the recreational to advanced skaters.

Our tot and beginner classes introduce children to the fundamentals of ice skating in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. To help make sure your skater is prepared and can have an enjoyable experience please read the recommendations.

ISI Instructional Program

The ISI instructional program has a logical progression of skill development, whereby skills learned in each level build on skills achieved in the preceding level. It appeals to first-time skaters because it teaches skills they can master almost immediately.

Attractive ISI patches are awarded to recognize skaters’ achievements.

Yearly Sessions


Fall is a perfect time to learn or practice your skating skills before everything turns to ice outside. Classes meet from beginning of September through November.


Participants have the chance to be a part of our annual ice show. The session meets from the beginning of December through April with the Ice Show being held at the end of April.


Summer is a great time to learn to skate or build your skating fundamentals. Classes meet from the middle of June through the middle of August.


Daytime skating classes are also available throughout the year. This program offers skating lessons for pre-school and home-schooled children. Each session is 30 minutes with an additional 30 minutes of practice time.


Skaters can use figure skates or hockey skates. Blades must be made of steel (not aluminum). Double runner skates are NOT allowed. We do offer rental skates at a price of $3 a class. 

Visit the Roseville Skating School Website for up to date information on course schedules, ice show and other skate school information. 

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