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Stormwater Utility Credit


The City’s Stormwater Utility Fee Credit Program gives incentives to implement effective stormwater management practices.

Stormwater management facilities are given credits because, when operated and maintained properly, they reduce the quantity and improve the quality of stormwater runoff. This in turn reduces the need for capital investment in new infrastructure. In order to participate in the program an application must be submitted to the City and renewed every five years.

Commercial & Industrial Properties

Full guidance is provided in the Stormwater Fee Credit Application.   

What are the eligibility requirements?

For a new or existing facility to be eligible for credit, the following requirements must be met: 

  • BMP’s must be in accordance with City standards, and have been reviewed and approved by the Roseville Engineering Department.
  • Facility owners must agree to the statements on the Credit Application Form regarding maintenance responsibility and agree to maintain the facility per City and manufacturer guidance.
  • Facilities installed as a condition of development must have a signed Maintenance Agreement recorded in the land records. 
  • The facility needs to currently function as designed. Functionality will be verified through periodic inspections and through any reporting requirements contained in the maintenance agreement. 
  • If a facility fails an inspection or the owner fails to submit maintenance documents as required in the maintenance agreement, the City will withdraw the credit if corrective actions are not taken within the time specified by the City

How much credit can I get? 

For sites that demonstrate they can handle the Type II 10 year storm (4.2” in 24 hours), the property can receive up to a 25% credit.  For sites that can demonstrate they can handle the Type II 100 year storm (7.4” in 24 hours), the property can receive up to 75% credit.  The percent credit will show as a reduction on the quarterly utility bill.

The maximum a site can receive in credit is 75%.

Residential Properties:

To be eligible for an Individual Residential credit, the following requirements must be met: 

  • The credit can only be applied to on-site areas. 
  • Choose from a “toolbox” of options and follow the requirements for each practice.

Full guidance is provided in the Residential Stormwater Permit Application.  

Contact the Roseville Engineering Department for all Stormwater Utility Fee Credit questions at 651-792-7004.

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