St. Rose of Lima Drainage Project

Ramsey-Washington Metro Watershed District (RWMWD), in partnership with the City of Roseville and the St. Rose of Lima Church, proposes multiple drainage improvements to reduce flooding near St. Rose of Lima located at 2048 Hamline Avenue.  The improvements consist of two projects.  The first project will be designed and paid for by RWMWD to reconstruct and reduce the amount of impervious surface on the existing site by modifying the parking lot.  The second improvement, which will be designed and paid for by the City of Roseville, consists of underground storage chambers that will be constructed at the south end of the parking lot.  Both projects will help reduce flooding which occurs on Dellwood Avenue and Skillman Avenue, and will also help with local water quality of downstream waters such as Willow Pond, and Bennett Lake.

The City will be the lead agency to bid and oversee both projects under one contract.  RWMWD will reimburse the City for all costs associated with the parking lot improvements.  


Work on the project began on July 12, 2021. The majority of the parking lot is finished and ready for parking. 

The underground storm sewer system on the very south edge of the parking lot is being installed.  Due to unforeseen soil issues, this part of the project has been delayed.  Work should be completed in October. 

There should be minimal impact to the public as all work is on private property.