Use of Fire Rings in Roseville Central Park


There are two fire rings in Central Park -- one located adjacent to the Jaycee’s Picnic Shelter (east of Lexington Avenue) and one located adjacent to the Foundation Picnic Shelter (west of Victoria Street).
No permit is required, but preference is given to picnic shelter rentals.

Call Recreational Fire Hotline for any questions at 651-792-7192.
You will also find more information on Recreational fires under Roseville Fire Department.

Recreation Fires

Recreation fires are allowed for social gatherings in the fire rings at Central Park under the following circumstances:
  • All combustible materials must be set back at least three feet from the fire ring
  • Fire rings are reserved for use by those renting the adjacent picnic shelter, or on a first come, first served bases when adjacent shelter is not in use
  • Fuel is limited to aged wood (one inch diameter or larger), or charcoal. The fire should not be used to dispose of trash, debris, grass clippings or other similar materials
  • You must provide a method of extinguishing your fire, such as such as a bucket of sand, water, or a standard fire extinguisher
  • Fire must be contained within the fire ring
  • Fire may last no longer than four hours
  • Fire must be attended by a responsible adult at all times and completely extinguished prior to departure