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Home Occupations

Performance Standards

As of January 1, 2011, home occupations are allowed in all Low Density Residential (LDR) districts, subject to the following standards:
  • All home occupations must register annually with community development
  • Maximum of 1 non-resident employee
  • No exterior alterations that change the character or appearance of the structure or property itself
  • No more than 30% of the floor area of the dwelling or 600 square feet, whichever is less, shall be occupied by the home occupation use
  • No accessory buildings may be used as part of the home occupation
  • No outside storage of products, materials, or equipment
  • Home occupations shall not generate excessive traffic or parking demand detrimental to the character of the neighborhood
  • The required off-street parking for the residential use shall not be reduced or made unusable by the home occupation
  • Shipment and delivery of products, merchandise, or supplies shall be by single rear axle straight trucks or similar delivery vehicles normally used to serve residential neighborhoods
  • There shall be no indications of offensive noise, odors, smoke, glare, vibration, or electrical interference at or beyond the boundaries of the residential lots occupied by home occupations
  • Home occupations shall meet all applicable fire and building codes, as well as any other city, state, or federal regulations
  • Signage for home occupations shall be subject to the requirements of Chapter 1010 of the Roseville City Code


The following activities are prohibited:
  • Operation of any wholesale or retail business unless it is conducted entirely by mail or internet. The sale of products incidental to delivery of a service is allowed.
  • Manufacturing, welding, machine shop or similar uses
  • Motor vehicle repair
  • Sale, lease, trade, or transfer of firearms or ammunition
  • Headquarters or dispatch centers where persons come to the site and are dispatched to other locations

Register Your Home Occupation

To register, please complete the home occupation application form (PDF) and return it to the community development department. Registration is also available online.

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