About The Roseville Fire Department

The Roseville Fire Department
The Roseville Fire Department was started in 1944 with only a few volunteers and a few pieces of firefighting equipment. Today our department consists of a full-time fire chief, 3 battalion chiefs, a fire inspector, 63 part-time firefighters and an administrative assistant.

Response Time
During critical emergencies, every second counts. Having firefighters on-duty in the fire station facilitates a faster response to emergencies. The average response time for an emergency call is about 3 minutes, 45 seconds dependent on time of day and weather conditions. These quick response times are possible because the fire station is staffed 24 hours a day with a crew of firefighters, trained and ready for an immediate response.

Annually, the Roseville Fire Department will respond to approximately 4,500 calls with over 70% of calls being medical related.

EMT Training
Most of Roseville’s firefighters are trained to be Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) with advanced skills (a step above standard EMT). The fire department does not own ambulances to transport patients to the hospital. Paramedics and transportation are provided by Allina Medical Transportation. Together, Roseville Police, Roseville Fire, and Allina comprise the city’s EMS System.

We take great pride in being your Roseville firefighters. Our goal is to provide exceptional customer service each time we are called to serve the citizens of Roseville.

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