Coordinate a Business Plan

Coordinate a Business Evacuation
It's easy to figure out what you would do at home in case of an emergency, but what about your workplace? Would you know what to do if you had to evacuate your building at a moments notice? Here are some tips in setting up business evacuation plans:
  • Assign a sufficient number of people to assist in an orderly evacuation.
  • Employee suggestions should be solicited in designing the plan.
  • Ensure the plan is comprehensive enough to deal with all the potential emergencies.
  • Ensure your facilities have adequate and distinct alarm systems that all people can hear and see. A public address system is recommended.
  • Establish a chain of command and a person responsible for coordinating emergency activities.
  • Finally, hold regular evacuation exercises for the entire workplace, including persons with disabilities.
  • Have a plan that will allow you to account for all employees after the evacuation is complete, with someone responsible for reporting any missing personnel.
  • Include emergency escape procedures and routes for all employees, including the disabled.
  • List detailed procedures for employees who will remain behind during an evacuation to oversee essential operations.
  • Perform a hazard audit to determine potential toxic materials.
  • Provide floor plans and maps that clearly show escape routes and refuge areas.
  • Upper management should play a leadership role in instituting, reviewing and updating the program.