Tornado Emergencies

Tornado Information
While Roseville is not in the most prime area for tornado occurrence, we do have the potential for tornado activities. As recently as 1981, a tornado swept through Roseville, causing millions of dollars in damage. Most tornado damage is caused by strong winds and most injuries and deaths are caused from flying debris. Tornadoes always develop out of severe thunderstorms. In general, they travel from the southwest to northeast.

Indications that tornadoes are imminent are a dark and sometimes greenish sky, large hail, and a loud roar similar to a freight train. Of course, paying attention to local severe weather bulletins and listening for emergency sirens is advised. You can purchase a weather alert radio which will sound an alarm when a severe weather warning is issued. Newer alert radios are capable of alerting by county. This eliminates listening to alerts for areas that do not pertain to your location.

Tornado Safety Tips
The best place for shelter is a basement. If a basement is not available, an inside room with no windows on the lowest level of the house is your next best choice. Cover yourself with a heavy blanket or sleeping bag. Avoid windows! Don't worry about opening windows to equalize pressure. In the time it takes to open windows, you could be injured by flying glass or other debris. Protect yourself first!

Mobile homes are not safe in a tornado. Seek other shelter. Some mobile home parks have emergency shelters. If you are caught in an open building such as a shopping mall, gymnasium or civic center, go to a restroom if possible. In larger buildings, restrooms are usually made of concrete block. If there isn't time to get to a place of shelter, seek shelter right where you are. Try to crawl under something sturdy that will protect you from falling debris, such as a counter or sturdy desk. Protect your head with your hands or arms.

If you are caught outside during a tornado, find shelter in the nearest building. If there is no building available, lay flat in a ditch or depression. If you are in your car, get out of your vehicle and find shelter. An underpass of a bridge, a culvert or ditch will do if there is no building.