Compost & Woodchips

Truck with 6 cubic yards of compost


The last date for 2021 compost deliveries
will be Friday, October 22

***No Woodchip Deliveries***

The City of Roseville Public Works Department maintains a Leaf Recycle Center located on the east side of Dale Street, just south of County Road C.  An additional benefit of the Leaf Recycling Center is the production of compost and woodchips.  The Center is always open for drive-up traffic where residents can drive up and manually load compost and wood chips (when available) into their vehicles from the bins out front.  Drive-up hours are listed on the Leaf Recycling Center page.

Delivery Information for Compost

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Deliveries are made on Fridays between 7:30 am and 3 pm to Roseville addresses only.  Compost is delivered for a fee, starting at $40 for 1 cubic yard up to 6 cubic yards.  Larger sizes are available for additional cost.

Click here to see a list of available compost delivery size options and pictures.

If you need more than 18 cubic yards, please call us at 651-792-7004.

All appointments made online will show a time of 7:30 am, but actual delivery could be anytime between the hours of 7:30 am and 3:00 pm.  When ordering online you will first select what type of delivery (Compost) and the size.  Then, you will be asked to select a Friday delivery date.  After that, you will be able to enter the exact number of Cubic Yards desired and tell us exactly where you want the delivery to be placed.


We can place deliveries either on the apron of your driveway or on the boulevard in the location you designate.  We cannot drive beyond the apron of the driveway or into your backyard.

For deliveries placed at the end of single driveways, one full load of 6 cubic yards will block most of the driveway.

For deliveries at the end of double driveways, we can try to deliver on one side or the other to allow room for a vehicle to pass by, however be aware that it could potentially block your entire driveway unless we place part of the delivery in the grass.  Please be specific when entering your delivery instructions online.

Delivery on the apron of your driveway or on the boulevard.



By making an appointment and paying for a scheduled delivery of compost from the City of Roseville, you are giving permission to the City to enter the driveway apron in the City boulevard in front of your property to place compost on the driveway or the boulevard.  The City is not held responsible for property damage incurred to driveways or turf due to this delivery.