The Roseville K9 Unit

Service History
The Roseville K9 unit has served the citizens and law enforcement officers of Roseville and the surrounding community since 1976.

The goal of the K9 unit is to make police work safer and more efficient for the men and women who patrol the streets.

The mission of the K9 unit is to provide highly trained K9 officer teams who serve, in a timely and professional manner, both the officers of the Roseville Police Department and the citizens of the city. 

The Roseville Police Department is fortunate to have three full-time K9 teams: Officer Brooke Jennings and K9 Sieger, Officer John Jorgensen and K9 Otis and Officer Tom Gray and K9 Jagr.
All K9s are fully trained and capable - an invaluable asset to public and officer safety. They are called upon to do any number of things.


We are very proud of our K9s and their partners. They work very hard on the job and off. All of our K9s have won numerous awards.

Persons interested in donating funds to the Department's K9 unit may do so by mailing a check to:
Roseville Police Department- K9 Unit
2660 Civic Center Drive
Roseville, MN 55113