Make your own tracks and enjoy any of Roseville’s award winning parks or the nature center grounds. Follow animal tracks and see hidden corners of the nature center. Try a new winter activity and get great exercise! 

This winter, snowshoes are available to rent from the Parks and Recreation office at Roseville City Hall

. Click HERE to be taken to the Winter Equipment Rental page for all the information. 

Helpful Snowshoeing Info: 

  • Wearing boots instead of shoes will help avoid getting snow inside your footwear.
  • Adult sizes have large “cleats” and should be put on outside only.
  • Snowshoe straps should be very snug to avoid snowshoes falling off.
  • There are not right or left footed snowshoes. However, it is easiest for individuals to reach the buckles when they are on the inside of your feet. For parents helping children, it may be easier with the buckles on the outside.
  • Ideal snow conditions are at least 4” (the deeper, the better), dry and powdery. Wet snow tends to stick and ice up on the bottom of the snowshoes and is not as fun.
  • Going off-trail with snowshoes is much more fun and interesting!!
Snowshowing kids at HANC SLIDE
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