County Road B & Snelling Avenue Pedestrian Study


The intersection of County Road B and Snelling Avenue is a major commercial corridor in Roseville, which connects more than 500 units of affordable housing neighborhoods (Section 42 and Section 8) to jobs, commercial services and Metro Transit’s BRT line.  The high levels of vehicle traffic combined with the intersection layout can be problematic for pedestrian safety and access through the intersection.

Traditional pedestrian improvement options to increase safety and pedestrian comfort in this dense and high-traffic area are expensive, in most cases prohibitively so.  The City of Roseville was awarded a Ramsey County Critical Corridors Grant to study traffic, and to produce and evaluate non-traditional improvement alternatives to increase pedestrian safety and connectivity through the intersection.  The study will produce recommended short-term and long-term improvements and identify funding opportunities for implementation.

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We will use survey results to better understand any safety issues and other needs to improve the intersection.

Pedestrian Study Map - CRB and Snelling

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