Pickleball Courts at Evergreen Park

Project Update - June 26, 2022

The project is complete and pickleball courts are ready for use at Evergreen Park. 


Restoration is complete at the Aŋpétu Téča Education Center tennis courts and they are ready for tennis. 



Read more about the original proposal below. 

In recent years, interest in pickleball has grown both locally and nationally.  Click here to learn more about pickleball. 

Currently, the city has four portable pickleball courts at Evergreen Park. These courts are available for pickleball half of the time and tennis the other half.  During pickleball times, pickleball players must set up and take down nets prior to playing. Over the years, as the sport of pickleball has grown in Roseville, residents have requested an expansion of pickleball opportunities. One frequent request has been to convert the existing convertible courts at Evergreen Park to permanent courts and add additional courts. 

To accommodate the growing demand for pickleball while continuing to offer tennis in southwest Roseville, the Parks and Recreation Department is considering a proposal to turn the convertible tennis and pickleball courts at Evergreen Park into six full-time and permanent pickleball courts and to work with the Roseville Area School District to restore the Fairview Community Center tennis courts to meet the tennis need in southwest Roseville. 

This proposal has several benefits:

  • Provides a permanent, non-shared home for pickleball.
  • Increases the number of pickleball courts at Evergreen from four to six.
  • Increases the quality of pickleball courts at Evergreen Park.
  • Creates a viable, high-quality alternative to Evergreen Park for tennis players in the neighborhood.
  • Creates a viable pickleball option that works well for the noise concerns that have arisen in other communities from pickleball.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Evergreen Park?

The northwest side of Evergreen Park works well for pickleball because it is not directly adjacent to any homes. Additionally, pickleball works well with the other uses and infrastructure at Evergreen Park. 

How Much Would This Cost?

The estimated cost to renovate Fairview Community Center and convert Evergreen Park tennis courts to six full-time pickleball courts is around $100,000.

Is there an option to put the courts somewhere else in the park system without removing an amenity?

Pickleball at Evergreen

Players at Evergreen 2

Example of a Six Court Set Up

Six Courts

Roseville is a fully developed park and recreation system and most of its amenities are well-used. There simply are not locations within the parks and recreation system that can meet the requirements for a larger, stand-alone pickleball facility without taking something out that is also popular. This solution is intended to provide a comparable tennis experience for those who currently play tennis at the Evergreen Park courts. 

In 2022 the city is anticipating a full community visioning process and recreational needs assessment to plan for the community's recreational interests over the next ten-plus years. 

Why not put the Pickleball courts at the Fairview Community Center instead?

The placement of pickleball courts near homes has caused problems in several communities due to the unique sound that pickleball paddles and balls make and the often more social nature of the sport. The Evergreen site is bordered on by the park space and busier streets, so the noise is less of a concern. 

Will the Fairview Community Center tennis courts be a suitable replacement for the tennis community that uses Evergreen park?

Currently, the Fairview Community Center courts are in disrepair. In conjunction with the proposed Evergreen park tennis court conversion, the city is in positive conversation with the Roseville Area School District to resurface the Fairview courts so that they are in good playing condition for tennis. One disadvantage to Fairview is that the courts are not lit. However, the city does offer lit tennis courts at five other locations throughout the city.

Can you fit six pickleball courts at Evergreen Park?

Yes.  The dimensions of the current Evergreen park tennis court are similar to that of other six-court complexes in the Twin Cities.

Who Owns the Fairview  Community Center Tennis Courts?

The Roseville Area School District owns the Fairview courts but currently has no plans to restore them. The City is currently in positive conversations to possibly restore the courts in exchange for the assurance of public access to the courts.