Volunteers Spotlight: Oscar Maldonado

Although his kids are young, Oscar brings them along to help and learn what volunteering is all about.

Type of volunteering:

Oscar volunteers at the third Saturday of the month natural resources renewal events. Oscar also takes part in the Adopt-a-Park program, helping to maintain Evergreen Park. He visits the park at least once a month, picking up trash, weeding flowerbeds and keeping an eye on the park.

His favorite thing about being a volunteer:

Oscar finds interacting and communicating with other community members fulfilling. Every volunteer Oscar has met has been extremely nice and gracious - always ready to extend a helping hand.

Why he volunteers:

Oscar and his family have lived in Roseville for more than 10 years and they love the city. He believes serving others is key to a happier life.

What’s special about volunteering for Roseville:

Oscar lives by the quote "personal as well as business wealth is defined by how much and how well we serve others." To Oscar that means “life is short, and for as long as I live, I am here to serve, not to be served.”

Because he volunteers:

Thanks to volunteers like Oscar, the city has made improvements to the environment by removing invasive buckthorn, planting wildflowers, trimming fruit trees, harvesting wildflower seeds and many other efforts.
Oscar Maldonado