2019 - 2020 Deer Management

The city continues its ongoing deer management program. The program’s goals are to maintain a healthy herd, prevent starvation and disease, reduce motor vehicle accidents, protect private property and address resident concerns.

Each year, the city conducts an assessment that includes deer population tracking, consultation with the US Department of Agriculture, the Department of Natural Resources and Ramsey County and advice from the Parks and Recreation Commission and feedback from residents.  Through this process, the city concluded that Roseville’s current population exceeds one that is suitable and healthy.

This season, the city will reduce the herd by up to 50 deer. The final number removed and locations of removal will be determined based on observation, feedback from the experts, resident feedback, safety and budget.

The attached letter will be mailed out on November 21, 2019 alerting residents near the control locations of the upcoming reduction efforts.

2019 Ramsey County Deer Survey (Roseville)