Required Items

All sites with stormwater BMP’s are required to provide the following.  Templates are available for use on the City Website\privatebmp

1. Contact the City with a schedule of maintenance activities.   
2. Inspect and fill out and inspection checklist for each BMP. 
     a. If your site has multiple BMP’s, an overview map should be included noting the location and inspection number.  
     b. Ponds, wetlands, and sumped catch basins/manholes should use the Pond Inspection checklist and others practices can use the bioretention checklist.  If your BMP is a manufactured proprietary structure (StormTech, StormTrap, Contech, etc.), refer to their maintenance recommendations.  
3. Maintain the BMP to ensure proper functionality.  
     a. Information on maintaining the BMP can be found on the Minnesota Stormwater Manual’s webpage, or per your manufacturer’s recommendations.  
     b. Maintaining storm ponds should follow the MPCA’s “Managing Stormwater Sediment Best Management Practice Guidance” May 2017.  
4. Document the BMP post-maintenance to show the work completed, and include 1-2 photos of each BMP.  
5. Fill out and return the Operation and Maintenance Agreement (example available on City website)
6. Create and submit a Maintenance Plan that provides a narrative, schedule, task, and responsible person for maintenance (example available on City website). 
7. Submit this final checklist with inspection documentation
8. Email items 1-7 to for review.

Required Items Checklist (PDF)