K9 Ragnar

Canine Officer Kyle Eckert_Ragnar 2

About Ragnar

The City of Roseville welcomes Ragnar, Roseville’s newest K9. He and his handler, Police Officer Kyle Eckert, completed an intensive three-month training at the St. Paul Police K9 School.

Ragnar is a shorthair Dutch Shepherd with black/brown brindle coloring. Ragnar, a very social dog, loves to be petted and to play with his toys, but Eckert said he is very good about knowing when it’s time to go to work and do his job. Ragnar was born September 2016 and has been with Eckert since January 2018.


The rigorous training teaches police officers how to work with their police service dogs. Training includes obedience, agility, tracking, article searches, muzzle work and apprehension. Officers train outdoors every day, regardless of weather conditions or temperature.

To become a team, dogs and their handlers must meet stringent standards set by the United States Police Canine Association. Officers receive ongoing training to learn new skills and hone existing ones. Officer Eckert and Ragnar completed an intensive three-month training at the St. Paul Police K9 School and will receive narcotics training in the fall of 2018.

About Officer Eckert

Eckert has been with the Roseville Police for the past 10 years. He started as a Community Services Officer before being hired as an officer six years ago.

“K9 Officers have a unique opportunity in a variety of different things,” said Eckert. “Lots of people like dogs so it affords me a great opportunity to meet people in the community that I might not otherwise see. It is also a very important position in the Police Department. Often times a Police K9 will be utilized to find a suspect, locate evidence or help find missing people. Most of all, they help keep officers and the community safe. That is why I always wanted to be a part of the K9 Unit,” said Eckert.

Roseville Canine Unit began in 1976. The K9 unit makes police work safer and more efficient for officers who patrol the streets. Roseville Police currently have one other K9, Jagr, who works with Officer Tom Gray.