2017 Data

Reason Traffic Stop Was Initiated

Upon clearing a traffic stop, officers are required to document the initial reason for the stop. When a traffic stop falls into multiple categories, officers document the initial traffic stop reason. 

Traffic Stop Categories:

1. Moving Violation (i.e. speed, running a red light, distracted driving, reckless driving)

2. Vehicle Violation (i.e. revoked license plate, expired tabs, burned out lights)

3. Investigate (i.e. warrants, investigative alert or attempt to locate on a specific vehicle, vehicle or occupants match suspect description, suspicious vehicle).

4. Citizen Complaint (i.e. citizen calls in a reckless driver)

In 2017, Roseville officers conducted a total of 2,459 stops (82% moving violations, 11% vehicle violations and 6% investigative stops). There were no stops resulting from a citizen complaint.

2017 Traffic Stops by Type
2017 Traffic Stops by Type & Race

2017 Roseville Traffic Stops : Race and Gender

Starting on January 9, 2017, officers began documenting the perceived race of the driver on every traffic stop (White, Black, Latino, Asian, Native American, or Other). The officer also recorded whether the driver was male or female.

2017 Traffic Stops by Race
2017 Traffic Stops by Gender

2017 Traffic Stops: Citations vs Warnings

When conducting a traffic stop, officers have the descretion to issue a citation, written warning or verbal warning. It is the policy of the department that officers take appropriate enforcement action in a firm, fair, impartial manner. In more than 79% of traffic stops, officers issued a written or verbal warning. A citation was issued in 20% of the traffic stops. Men recieved a written citation in 76% of stops and women in 83% of stops.

2017 Citations & Warnings by Race

Persons and Vehicles Searched By Race and Gender

Of the 2,459 traffic stops made in 2017, Roseville officers searched a person on 54 of the stops. Officers searched a total of 63 vehicles on traffic stops in 2017. 

2017 Person Search by Race & Gender
2017 Vehicle Search by Race & Gender

Residents vs Non-residents

Whether the driver was a Roseville resident or a non-resident was not collected as part of the Ramsey County traffic data initiative. Addresses of the driver were captured only in traffic stops when a citation was issued or the officer manually entered the driver’s information into the records system. Of the 2,459 traffic stops in 2017, the address of the driver stopped was collected 1,701 times. For comparison, the chart also includes Roseville adult arrests and the arrestee's reported addresses for felony, gross misdemeanor, and misdemeanor crimes in 2017 (Ramsey and Hennepin County statistics do not include St. Paul and Minneapolis arrests).

2017 Traffic Stops & Adult Arrests by Residency

Comparing Traffic Stop Locations to Vehicle Crash Locations

In 2017, one of the top priorities of the Roseville Police Department was to improve safety on our roadways and focus traffic enforcement on moving violations that put other motorists and citizens at risk. Click the link to view a map that includes locations of traffic stops initiated by Roseville officers for moving violations in 2017 comparing to motor vehicle crashes reported to MNCrash in 2017. 

Note: In some cases, the violation location may vary slightly from the location of the actual traffic stop. Also, the map does not include crashes that did not require a MNCrash report to be submitted by law enforcement (i.e. minor property damage and crashes on private property). It also does not include crashes where State Patrol would have been the responding agency (i.e. Hwy 280, I35W, Hwy 36).

2017 Traffic Stops: Day and Time

A summary of the day and time for traffic enforcement in 2017. 

2017 Traffic Stops by Day and Time