Recycling at Central Park - Lexington

On Tuesday May 2, 2017, Eureka Recycling dropped off recycling carts in Central Park Lexington and Victoria. The City is working with Eureka Recycling on a Pilot Program to service carts on a pathway in a City park, in an effort to increase recycling.  The new single sort carts will be clearly labeled on the top with the materials that can be placed in them, which includes cardboard, paper, glass and plastics bottles, aluminum cans, etc.  The Pilot Program will allow staff to collect data on recyclable materials collected, contamination issues, wear and tear on the trails, and the park user experience.

Eureka Recycling will be servicing the carts every Monday morning starting at 7 am. The first collection started on Monday, May 8, 2017.  The servicing takes 1-2 hours depending on weather and the amount of recyclables in the carts.  If you see the truck, it is standard procedure for the driver to stop and allow pedestrians to pass before continuing on the route.

If you have questions or comments, feel free to contact or call 651-792-7004.