Lock Boxes


Knox Box Program - Commercial & Multi-Family

The Roseville Fire Department requires buildings with fire alarm systems, automatic sprinkler systems or other extinguishing systems to have a key box. Multi-family buildings with secured entry doors (with or without fire alarms and sprinkler systems). Large 1 and 2 story buildings, large complexes with multiple riser rooms and access points will be required to have multiple key boxes.

Information Sheet & FAQ

Ordering Information

If you already have a Knox box on your property and need to have the keys added or changed. Please call our non-emergency line at 651-266-7702

Knox Box Program - Residential

The primary intent of a lock box program is to facilitate quick access to residential homes during emergencies. Lock boxes provide fire personnel the ability to expedite entry into a residence using a key rather than forcing entry through a door or window. These are primarily used during medical emergencies. Roseville Fire Department has Knox Homebox available for sale to Roseville Residents. 

Ordering Information