Kidcreate Studio

Kidcreate Studio’s award-winning art classes allow kids to explore art in an environment full of giggles & grins. Kids create fridge worthy masterpieces while learning art concepts & experimenting with different art materials. Curriculum is age appropriate & designed to inspire. Classes provide a fun, self-esteem building atmosphere full of “I did it” moments. Making a mess is the best with Kidcreate Studio! Please pack a nut free snack and drink for your child.

What to bring to camp: A nut-free snack and water bottle.
3 day Studios

The How To's of Drawing Camp

M-W June 17-19 9:00am-12:00pm Ages 5-12
Rosebrook Park BLDG 
This introductory drawing camp teaches kids the basic techniques and principles of drawing. We’ll encourage creativity and imagination while experimenting with a variety of drawing materials and techniques. Participants will receive their own sketchbook to keep and draw in throughout the camp! In Kidcreate’s fun and supportive environment, your young artist will be eager to get drawing! Registration deadline: June 12
#1602.409  $88

Glitter & Glow Art Camp

M-W July 8-10 1:00pm-4:00pm Ages 5-12
Oasis Park BLDG

We will work with a variety of art supplies including clay, glow-in-the-dark paint, and of course, lots and lots of glitter! The kids will create snow globes that glow-in-the-dark, butterflies that shimmer and glimmer, an Eiffel Tower with stars that twinkle, and so much more. Glitter and glow… here we go!
Registration deadline: July 3
#1602.410 $88

Sparkle Spectacular!

M-W Aug 5-7 9:00am-12:00pm Ages 4-9
Villa Park BLDG
Is your child silly for sparkles and giddy about glitter? In this camp, the kids will go sparkle crazy! They'll create multiple projects all covered with sparkles and glitter aplenty! They’ll learn to draw, play with clay, and more as they work with a variety of different types of clay, paint and other spectacularly, sparkly art supplies. Registration deadline: July 31
#1602.411  $88

Fortnite Fanatic

M-W Aug 12-14 9:30am-11:30am Ages 5-12
Rosebrook Park BLDG
If your gamer can’t get enough Fortnite, we have the perfect camp for them. We’ll create art inspired by some of the most popular skins of the game, and we’ll use all the best “mats” of the art world: clay, paint, and so much more. We’ve got Brite Bomber, Durr Burger, and P.A.N.D.A Team Leader… and we’ll even make a Liteshow that really glows in the dark! There will be no need for “heals” of any kind at this camp. This is a weapon-free zone, and there will be no depictions of violence in our art. Registration deadline: Aug 7
#1602.412  $88

2 Day Studios

Our Littlest Fans' Favorites Art Camp

M&Tu June 10&11 9:00am-12:00pm Ages 3-6
Rosebrook Park BLDG 
Your little mess maker will have a blast in this hands-on camp! They will enjoy many artistic, mess-making moments as they create marvelously messy masterpieces. We plan to paint, sculpt, scribble, and giggle our way to discovering mess making at its very best. These are not projects to tackle at home. Leave the mess with us!  Registration deadline: June 5
#1602.413  $62

Art Academy Camp

M&Tu June 10&11 1:00pm-4:00pm Ages 5-12
Rosebrook Park BLDG
Does your child love art? Painting, drawing, clay- it’s all awesome! Then this is the camp for them! We will experiment with many techniques, materials, and styles as we make snow globes, paint on canvas, create clay characters and more. Come ready to have an artsy good time in this highly anticipated camp! Registration deadline: June 5
#1602.414  $62

Glow-in-the-Dark Art Camp - Part II

M&Tu July 1&2 9:00am-12:00pm Ages 4-9
Rosebrook Park BLDG

Back by popular demand with all new projects! These projects will rock your child’s world long after the lights go out at night. You guessed it, all the projects we will create at this camp will glow-in-the-dark! We will be working with a variety of different art supplies including clay, paint, and luminescent materials to create masterpieces your child will be ready to show off in the dark! Your child does not need to have attended Glow-in-the-Dark Art- Part I to attend this class. Registration deadline: June 26
#1602.415  $62

1 day Studios

Icky Poo Art Class

M July 8 9:00am-12:0pm Ages 3-6
Oasis Park BLDG
Mom, you deserve a break! Let your kids express their creativity while you enjoy some time to yourself. Kids, this is your chance to do some super-duper unbelievably messy art! We’ll create a project your mom would never let you do at home! Registration deadline: July 3
#1602.416  $34

Register today online, by phone at 651-792-7006, or in person at 2660 Civic Center Drive, Roseville.