Residential Stormwater Permit


The City of Roseville Public Works Department will administer a Residential Stormwater Permitting Program in accordance with City Code. The City believes that controlling the quantity and quality of stormwater runoff from single-family residential lots that increase impervious surface addresses water quality concerns and future costs of infrastructure upgrades and maintenance. 


  • Limit the volume of stormwater runoff from new / reconstructed impervious surfaces. 
  • Require homeowners to be accountable for the ongoing maintenance and operation of installed Best Management Practices (BMPs) and to ensure that the BMPs remain with the property for the life of the improvement.

Residential Stormwater Permit Form (PDF)
Residential Stormwater Policy (PDF)

For all other projects that create 5,000 square feet of new or reconstructed impervious surface, contact Ryan Johnson at 651-792-7049.

View our stormwater management standards for design criteria.