2024 Budget Information

Updated September 27, 2023

On September 25, 2023, the Roseville City Council approved the 2024 preliminary city budget and property tax levy. The 2024 preliminary city budget totals $69.6 million.

Approximately 41% of the total 2024 budget or $28.8 million is funded by commercial and residential taxpayers through the property tax levy. The remaining $40.8 million of the total budget is funded through fees for service, state, and federal aid.

If the preliminary budget and tax levy remain unchanged, homes with the median home value of $349,900 will see an increase of about $8 per month, or $96 annually (See Table 1).

20232024$ Change% Change
City Tax Levy$100.92$108.90$7.987.9%
*EDA Tax Levy$1.71$1.55$(0.16)-9.4%
Combined Monthly Total$102.63$110.45$7.827.6%

*EDA = Economic Development Authority

The primary contributing factors to the increased budget are a $5 million increase in contractual costs and other inflationary costs; $2.1 million for personnel costs; and $1.2 million in capital equipment and costs associated with providing and maintaining infrastructure.

The Property Tax Levy for City of Roseville Economic Development Authority (EDA) decreases in 2024 (See Table 1).

At this point in the 2024 budget process, the property tax levy can’t increase beyond what was approved in the preliminary budget, but the tax levy can decrease.

The Final Budget Hearing will be held at the November 27, 2023 City Council meeting. The final budget will be adopted at the December 4, 2023 City Council meeting.

Public input is welcomed and encouraged. There are opportunities for the public to provide input during the remaining City Council meetings or comments can be submitted online on the 2024 Roseville Resident Budget Priorities Form.

2024 Budget Allocation by Category

2024 Budget Allocation by category

*Other Services and Charges primarily represents spending on outsourced services such as; water purchases from St. Paul, wastewater treatment costs paid to the Met Council, professional services, specialized maintenance on facilities, infrastructure, & other assets, and energy-related costs.

2024 Budget By Function
A budget graphic showing estimated monthly taxes for city services.
 Did You Know?
All Roseville City Council meetings are open to the public and include time for public comment. Meetings are held at Roseville City Hall, 2660 Civic Center Dr., and begin at 6 p.m. Meetings are also shown live on cable channel 16 in Roseville and streamed live on the Internet. A video archive of City Council meetings is also available.

2024 Budget Meetings

July 17

Capital Improvement Plan
EDA Budget & Tax Levy Discussion 


Aug. 21    

Receive the 2024 City Manager Recommended Budget to include Tax Base Changes 


Sept. 18

Receive Budget recommendations from the Finance Commission 


Sept. 25

Adopt Preliminary 2024 Budget, Tax Levy, & EDA Levy 


Nov. 6

Review 2024 Proposed Utility Rates
Review 2024 Fee Schedule 


Nov. 27Final Budget Hearing (Truth-in-Taxation Hearing) 

Dec. 4Adopt Final 2024 City Budget and Tax Levy