Golden Rose Medallion Hunt

Rose Medallion
The Golden Rose Medallion hunt is an annual tradition in which hunters fan out through Roseville's many parks during Rosefest in search of the hidden Golden Rose Medallion. The winner(s) receives a fabulous prize package of goodies donated by local businesses.

The hunt begins on the first day of Rosefest and runs until the day after the Rose Parade, or until the medallion is found. One clue per day will be released.

2019 Rosefest Medallion Hunt


I have been found, thank you for looking all over town! I was hiding in Acorn park off the path near disc golf hole #11. Congrats to the White family for being the lucky winners! This has been a family tradition of theirs, and they were finally able to find the medallion. Well done!


CLUE #2 

CLUE #3 

CLUE #4