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Stormwater Management

Managing Stormwater
This page is dedicated to providing the citizens and property owners of Roseville with information on the city's efforts to manage stormwater in order to promote the conservation of our valuable water resources.
Willow Pond
When rain falls on land and impervious areas, such as paved streets, parking lots, and building rooftops, it can wash away sediments, oil, grease, chemicals, nutrients, metals, litter and pathogens.


Left unmanaged, these pollutants enter our lakes and streams via the storm sewer system, significantly contributing to the degradation of these important resources. Another source of water pollution is the phosphorus from lawn fertilizer. This nutrient turns lakes and rivers green with algae.

Homeowners and commercial groundskeepers need to keep grass clippings from the streets, driveways and other paved areas where they can wash away with stormwater runoff. Grass clippings that fall on paved areas should be swept up!
The Roseville City Council has established protection and enhancement of the environmental features as a high priority. In particular, management of the surface water features of the city is viewed as a critical endeavor that requires a renewed focus.

Residential & Commercial property owners

Property owners can manage stormwater on their property in a variety of ways: installing a raingarden, rainbarrel, native planting, and/or stabilizing shoreline. All of these practices can reduce stormwater volume and keep pollutants from entering the storm sewer system.

Local Watershed Districts have cost share funding available to residential property owners to help off-set the cost of installing one of these Best Management Practices (BMP’s). See the city’s watershed map to determine which one you live in.

Note: You will need to apply and be approved prior to starting your project to be eligible for cost share. Any work completed prior to approval won’t be eligible.

Grants / Cost Share

There are cost-share dollars available from most watersheds to help property owners install BMPs that help reduce stormwater runoff and protect water quality.

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