Pre-School Dance

These preschool dance classes are offered in sessions. If you are interested in a dance class that includes a recital dance please visit the fall dance 2018-2019 information page.

Baby Ballerinas

2 - 3 years old

Parent & me dance classes are an exciting, fun way to get your little ones moving while introducing them to a dance class setting - with the comfort of having you by their side. Creative movement activities will introduce students to listening skills & teamwork, all while having a ton of fun. Movement is a great way to build problem solving skills & confidence in a little one.
Program # Day/Dates Time Fee
#2901.855 M  Sep 24 - Oct 29 5:00-5:30pm Reg $64, RV Res $56
#2901.861 M Nov 5 - Dec 10 5:00-5:30pm Reg $64, RV Res $56
#2901.859 Sat Sep 29 - Nov 3
* no class Oct 20
8:40-9:10am Reg $64, RV Res $56
#2901.865 Sat Nov 10 - Dec 15
*no class Nov 24
8:40-9:10am Reg $56, RV Res $48

Bitsy Ballerinas

3 - 4 years old

Get your preschooler moving & grooving to the music. Created for little ones who are not quite ready for a full dance class. This class introduces the basics of ballet through music & movement while building their confidence and having fun.
Program # Day/Dates Time Fee
#2901.858 W Sep 26 - Oct 24
5:00-5:30pm Reg $56, RV Res $48
#2901.864 W Nov 7 - Dec 19
*No class Nov 21
5:00-5:30pm Reg $64, RV Res $56

Preschool Dance Classes

3-4 years old

First time class for dancers with little or no dance experience. Work on fundamentals of tap and ballet. Class focuses on balance, fine motor skills and spatial awareness. Black tap and pink ballet shoes recommended. Dancer must have reached the minimum age before the class starts. This class will not have a recital dance.

Program # Day/Dates TIme Fee
2901.860 Sat Sep 22 - Dec 8 
*no class Oct 20, Nov 24
9:15-10am Reg $96, RV Res $88
You may register by mail, by fax at 651-792-7100, by phone 651-792-7110, in person at the Roseville Parks and Recreation offices, 2660 Civic Center Drive, or register online