Fake Guns

Dangers of Toy Guns
Toy guns, especially those made to resemble their more dangerous counterparts, can be just as dangerous as the real thing and have serious consequences.
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Toy Gun Safety Features
The Roseville Police Department has had a growing number of tense meetings with young people who have airsoft (replica) guns that look like real firearms. Toy guns, including airsoft guns, are required to have a bright orange tip; however, they can be extremely difficult to tell apart from real guns, especially at dusk.

Most people do not know the difference and assume they are real. Police have had cases where the replica guns have been modified to make them look more real. And there have been times when real guns have been modified to falsely look like a toy gun. In late September a neighborhood was on alert and 4 people were arrested in St. Paul, because they used modified airsoft guns while filming a movie.

Toy Guns Around Others
The Police urge anyone using airsoft guns to do so away from the public eye where no one will mistake them for real guns. Also, make sure that everyone within view understands what you are playing with and what you are doing.

The use and/or display of airsoft guns or BB / pellet guns are prohibited within Roseville (Chapter 503) and can result in a misdemeanor and forfeiture of the guns. If a law enforcement officer approaches you while using airsoft guns, immediately set the gun down, then stand still and slowly put your empty hands up, eliminating the perceived threat to the officer.

Parents, please talk with your children about airsoft gun safety and the consequences of misusing replica guns. Airsoft or any replica or toy guns are not allowed on school grounds and can be grounds for expulsion.