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Roseville neighborhood watch groups form wherever you live, whether a home, duplex, town home, condo or apartment building. Groups often form not because of current crime concerns, but rather to be proactively organized in case something occurs in the future.

If you are considering becoming a Neighborhood Watch captain or co-captain, Roseville Police will meet with you to discuss your role in organizing your neighbors and partnering with us to prevent crime. We will talk with you about current crime trends in Roseville and help you understand how criminals operate. We can offer advice about reporting problem areas, abandoned vehicles, loud parties or suspicious behavior. We’ll also advise you when to call 911, how to protect yourself and your home, and teach you about what a difference a Neighborhood Watch group can make.

Roseville Police are able to communicate directly with block captains about developing crime trends and concerns in a neighborhood. Block captains, in turn, pass information on to residents, helping residents understand how criminals operate. Neighbors will be able to recognize suspicious activity, report it to the Police and protect the neighborhood.

The Police Department requires neighborhood watch groups to gather at least twice a year. Many neighborhood groups participate in Roseville’s annual Night to Unite celebration as one of their gatherings. After holding your first gathering, you may obtain Neighborhood Watch signs to post in your neighborhood warning criminals you are organized and looking out for one another.

Block captains welcome new residents to the neighborhood and help them feel connected to the community. When people know each other, they are more likely to get involved.

Initiating and participating in your neighborhood block group is a great investment in your community. It’s an opportunity to build neighborhood trust and a safer community, as well as make new friends. Contact Corey Yunke today to find out how you can get involved.
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