Villa Park

2055 Cohansey Boulevard
Villa Park is the fifth largest park in Roseville. In the Lower Villa section is a park building (2015) that can be rented for meetings and other gatherings, a play structure, lighted ice rink, and a basketball court. The Upper Villa portion of the park, near the B-Dale Club, features a bocce ball court, play area replaced in 2016, and a ball field. 


Trails & Amenities map
(Note: this map is a little out of date and doesn't reflect the building built in 2015)

Villa Park Comments
Acres Parking Picnic Shelter Picnic Tables Grills
40.83 Upper: B-Dale lot
Lower: Street
No Yes No 1 Rentable 0.9
Ball Fields Basketball Courts Playground Skating Rinks Soccer Fields Tennis Courts Volleyball Courts
1 1 2 Hockey/Gen, Lit No No No