Oasis Park

1700 County Road C2 West
Located just north of County Road C and west of Snelling Avenue, Oasis Park features a park building (2015) which can be rented for meetings or family gatherings. The community vegetable garden plots are located in this park, surrounded by a number of park amenities, including an updated playground (2015 Community Build project with volunteers), a ball field, picnic areas, and a small walking trail.

Trails & Amenities map
(Note: this map is a little out of date and doesn't reflect the park building built in 2015)

Oasis Park Comments

Acres Parking Picnic Shelters Picnic Tables Grills
14.44 20 No Yes No 1 Rentable 0.27
Ball Fields Basketball Courts Playground Skating Rinks Soccer Fields Tennis Courts Volleyball Courts
1 1/2 court Yes No Practice No No