Community Garden Plots - URGENT MESSAGE

Hello Gardeners, here's hoping you are all safe and healthy during the spread of this illness! This is an update on the process for the garden plot swap scheduled for Friday, March 30. Due to the closure of City of Roseville facilities, the plot swap will NOT take place in person at the nature center. Instead, we plan to operate the swap by phone and/or email on Friday, March 27 starting at 8:30am.
The plan is to email a map to current gardeners on Thursday, March 26, after 4:30pm, with available plots clearly displayed for your decision-making. The map will also be posted on this website. On Friday morning, starting at 8:30am, I will answer phone calls and emails IN THE ORDER RECEIVED and will make plot changes as requested. Everyone will need to be patient during this process - each swap will change the map and then will need to be DESCRIBED rather than shown to each new gardener.
Please understand that I will not accept any requests made before 8:30am; this means that early birds will be placed at the END of the swap session rather than to get an early turn! I will note the time of each call, voice mail and email received and will reply to each request in time order. On Thursday I will note the time when I send the garden maps, so you will be able to "synchronize your watches."
PLEASE NOTE: You MUST have your plot(s) from 2019 renewed by 4:30 on Thursday in order to make a plot change tomorrow. If you have not yet renewed, you will be asked to call Parks and Rec to renew before you can swap (651-792-7006).
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation during this unusual process - let's hope this will be a one-time experience!
Thank you
Debbie Cash
Debbie Cash
Recreation Program Supervisor/Naturalist
Roseville Parks and Recreation
2660 Civic Center Drive
Roseville, MN  55113
651-792-7163 direct line
651-746-4036 cell
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