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Emerald Ash Borer (EAB)

EAB In Roseville

The City of Roseville is within the Emerald Ash Borer infestation zone. This means that all ash trees within the city are considered to be infested with Emerald Ash Borer, or will become infested with Emerald Ash Borer (EAB). Unfortunately, EAB eventually kills all infested, untreated trees.

The city is currently implementing a multi-pronged, proactive approach to managing public ash trees including REMOVAL of diseased trees that have shown significant signs of decay, PLANTING trees of different species to replace ash and TREATING select ash trees.

Click here to view program updates including the plan for upcoming removals and volunteer opportunities.

EAB Management in Roseville

The city of Roseville currently has an ash population of 1,152 trees within the public right-of-way (ROW) street boulevards and in parks across the city. With the commencement of the city’s accelerated ash management program, there will be a variety of activities happening throughout our community in the coming weeks, months, and years, with a completion date expected in 2025. 


The order of operations for this accelerated program is to: remove the infested tree, remove the stump, restore the site and, if possible, replant a new tree of a diverse variety in its place. If you’re wondering what tree is slated to be planted on your street, click here.

In early spring 2022, Tree Trust will begin removing ash trees throughout our community utilizing a phased, prioritization approach. Using data collected by city staff in the autumn of 2021, Tree Trust will address the highest priority trees first, beginning in the southeast quadrant of the city and progressing in a counterclockwise direction to address the trees most in need of removal. 

 Residents in areas where trees will be slated for removal will be notified via USPS, at least two weeks ahead of any removal activities. Trees will then be marked with a green ring approximately one week ahead of removal. At that time, nearby residents will also receive a door hanger with information related to the upcoming removals. Because our contractor is prioritizing most urgent removals first, it is possible that an ash tree in front of your residence may not be removed until a later date.

Click here to see the tentative removal schedule

Following removal, tree stumps will be ground, and the area restored. During the winter months, this process may be delayed due to snow cover and/or frozen ground. It is the intent of this program to complete the removal, site restoration and replanting (if appropriate) within a 6-month timeframe. 

Of the 1,152 ash trees across our city, approximately 238 trees are planned for preservation using a trunk injected, non-neonicotinoid insecticide. Most of these trees are located within our parks and public spaces and are providing significant benefit to our community. The city has agreed to continue to treat these trees in order to preserve those important environmental benefits mature trees provide. 


While the city is removing 914 trees as part of the accelerated management program, the city will be replanting a total of 1,152 trees across the city. Trees will be replanted according to the city of Roseville’s urban forest master plan, except for maples (currently over-planted in Roseville), which will be substituted with climate resilient trees such as the London planetree, yellowwood or ginkgo.  It is the intent of the program to replant a tree where an ash tree once stood; if that is not possible due to utility conflicts, spacing requirements or the like, trees will be reallocated to other areas of the city most in need of tree canopy. 
 Replanted trees will be approximately 5-8’ tall, with a 1-1.5” caliper trunk. Utilizing smaller size stock ensures survivability and establishment is shown to be much faster with smaller size trees. In addition, Tree Trust will provide volunteer opportunities to Roseville residents to help rebuild the canopy through a variety of events during the spring and fall planting seasons. 
Sign up to participate in their volunteer tree plantings

Marking and Notification

If a boulevard tree in front of your home is scheduled for removal, we will hang an information tag on your front door to let you know why the tree was marked.

We mark boulevard trees as follows:

Green Paint Ring

The tree has EAB and will remain marked for at least seven days. Within 21 days of initial marking, the tree will be removed.

We only use green to mark trees for removal.

If you have more questions about the City’s EAB Program, please contact Jim Taylor, Parks Superintendent at (651) 792 – 7107 or

Emerald Ash Borer
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