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  1. AED Registration Form

    Form for registering automated external defibrillators within the City of Roseville.

  2. Hands Only CPR Class Sign up

    Please fill out the form below to sign up for a Hands Only CPR class.

  3. Phase II Programs and Services Feedback Form

    Questionnaire requesting feedback from Roseville residents regarding services and programs provided to the community by the Roseville... More…

  1. Building Emergency Contact Information

    Fire inspection contact information for businesses

  2. Occupancy Load Form

    Form for determining retail establishment occupancy load.

  3. Quarter 2 Wellness Challenge - Recipe Exchange

    For our 2023 Wellness Quarter 2 we are challenging employees to submit a unique recipe to be included in a recipe book for employees! ... More…

Parks & Recreation

  1. Acorn Park Comments
  2. Ask A Naturalist

    Did you know Harriet Alexander Nature Center has a team of naturalists who lead tours and help make visits more educational and... More…

  3. Bruce Russell Park Comments
  4. Central Park - Dale East Comments
  5. Central Park - Lexington East Comments
  6. Central Park - Victoria Ballfields Comments
  7. Community Group No-Cost Facility Use Request

    If your organization is a Registered Roseville Community Group, fill out this form to request no-cost facility use. Please ensure you... More…

  8. Contact Matt Johnson
  9. Deer Monitoring Report

    Deer Monitoring Report

  10. Goose Monitoring Report

    Goose Monitoring Report

  11. Keller Mayflower Park Comments
  12. Langton Lake Park Comments
  13. Mapleview Park Comments
  14. Midland Gardens Park Comments
  15. Neighborhood Group No-Cost Facility Use Request

    If your organization is a Registered Roseville Neighborhood Group, fill out this form to request no-cost facility use. Please ensure... More…

  16. Owasso Ballfields Comments
  17. Parade Marching Band Application
  18. Permanent Pickleball Feedback

    Please provide any feedback that you may have on the City's proposed conversion of the Evergreen tennis courts to six permanent... More…

  19. Pocahontas Park Comments
  20. Pocahontas Park Name Feedback 2
  21. Report a Problem
  22. Rosebrook Park Comments
  23. Roseville Parks & Recreation Fee Assistance Application
  24. Skating Center Banquet Room Information Form
  25. Tamarack Park Comments
  26. Valley Park Comments
  27. Villa Park Comments
  28. Willow Pond Comments
  29. Woodhill Park Comments
  1. Applewood Park Comments
  2. Autumn Grove Comments
  3. Cedarholm Golf Course Tournament Request

    To begin planning your golf tournament at Cedarholm Golf Course, please complete this form and a member of our professional staff will... More…

  4. Central Park - Dale West Comments
  5. Central Park - North Comments
  6. Central Park - Victoria West Comments
  7. Concordia Park Comments
  8. Cottontail Park Comments
  9. Evergreen Park Comments
  10. Howard Johnson Park Comments
  11. Ladyslipper Park Comments
  12. Lexington Park Comments
  13. Materion Park Comments
  14. Name Suggestion for Pocahontas Park

    Please suggest a possible new name for the park.

  15. Oasis Park Comments
  16. Owasso Hills Park Comments
  17. Parade PAID Units Application
  18. Pioneer Park Comments
  19. Pocahontas Park Name Feedback
  20. Rename Pocahontas Park - Name Suggestions

    This summer the city is undertaking a process to rename Pocahontas park. The following elements could be useful for park naming: •... More…

  21. Reservoir Woods Comments
  22. Roseville Park Building Request

    Please complete this form to request rental spaces for the six park buildings and the Harriet Alexander Nature Center (HANC).

  23. Sandcastle Park Comments
  24. Summer Performance Series Application

    Application for performers for Roseville's summer entertainment series at the Frank Rog Amphitheatre

  25. Unity Park Comments
  26. Veterans Park Comments
  27. Wildlife Monitoring Report

    Wildlife Monitoring Report

  28. Willow Pond Park Comments


  1. Contact Community Action Team
  2. Multicultural Advisory Committee Application Form

    Multicultural Advisory Committee Application

  3. Roseville Block Party Permit Application
  4. RPD Multicultural Advisory Committee Comment Form

    Contact the Roseville Police Department's Multicultural Advisory Committee with a comment, question or concern.

  1. Contact Police Department
  2. Night to Unite Registration Form
  3. Roseville Police Department Policy Feedback Form
  4. Vacation Registration

    Roseville residents who plan to be away from their homes for an extended period of time, (one week or more) are able to register their... More…