Roseville Police Monthly Summary

A highlight of the more notable cases, statistics and community engagement



CN: 19026297 Overpayment Scam

A Roseville resident posted a couch for sale on Craigslist. The suspect contacted the resident and offered to buy the couch with two cashier’s checks totaling $3,795.64.  The amount of the two checks was more than the Resident wanted for the couch. The checks were deposited and the funds appeared in the victim’s bank account. The buyer requested that the victim pay the “moving company” with the excess funds from the cashier’s check.  The victim agreed and transferred $1,000 through an online payment app called Zelle.  After transferring the money, the resident called the moving company and learned that an appointment had not been made and payment had not been received.  At this point, the resident (seller) realized that the cashier’s checks are likely fraudulent and the initial deposit of $3,795.64 will be returned.  Total Loss $1,000.00  

Online classifieds, like Craigslist, are common places for swindlers to look for potential victims. Be careful when buying and selling items to/from strangers.  Pick safe meeting places and be cautions of overpayments, payment by check, counterfeit bills, and requests to be paid by MoneyGram, Western Union, iTunes Gift Cards, etc.

CN: 19024297 Check Cashed Fraudulently with Stolen ID

A victim received a phone call from her financial institution in Roseville alerting her that her Minnesota ID was used to cash a fraudulent check in the amount of $2,000. The victim reported her ID and debit card were stolen from her work place in Maple Grove and reported the incident to Maple Grove PD. 

It is always best to check with your financial institutions when your ID, debit, and/or credit cards are stolen in order to learn about your options to protect your money and your credit. Freezing accounts, text alerts, and other preventative measures can keep your money in your accounts without dealing with the hassle of ID Theft and theft of funds.

CN: 19024391 Cloned Card Case 

A detective from another Minnesota Law Enforcement Agency contacted our department with information that suspects in their case were also involved in fraud in Roseville.  The suspects copied information from existing credit cards or used credit card information to “clone” copies of credit cards, then used the cloned cards to purchase goods.

In cases like this, agencies will often share information in order to aggregate the offenses for a potential greater charge.

CN: 19024393 Xcel Energy Shutoff Notice Scam

Victim received a phone call from a male identifying himself as an Xcel Energy representative.  The representative advised the victim that her electricity was scheduled to be turned off for non-payment.  The representative instructed the victim to purchase a MoneyPak Gift Card at Walgreens in the amount of $498.31 and once purchased, to contact him with the numbers on the back of the gift card. After following his instructions, she contacted Xcel and learned that her account was paid to date and the phone call was a scam.
Double check shut-off notices by contacting Xcel directly to confirm your account status. Do not trust what is displayed on Caller ID as that can be modified by the caller. Look for Xcel’s phone number on an old or current bill, or look up their info online. Be cautious when representatives are being “pushy” and do not make payments by purchasing gift cards (iTunes is popular) and reading off the numbers on the cards. Once read to the suspect, the money is gone and is extremely hard to trace.  Note that the amount was just under $500, or the gift card limit at most Walgreens.

Fake Ticket
Figure 1 Crude Fake Ticket made in-house at RPD.

CN: 19024738 Bogus Concert Ticket Scam

Victim responded to advertisement for Concert Tickets that was placed on Craigslist.  The seller requested that the victim place a security deposit to reserve the tickets, as they were paper tickets and not e-tickets.  After paying the seller $100 on Venmo and another $100 on Apple Pay, the victim was instructed to meet the seller at a local coffee shop in order to pay the final amount in exchange for the concert tickets. The tickets appeared real and the victim paid the remaining amount of $1,000.  The victim then drove to the Xcel Energy Center to confirm that the tickets were real and was informed that the tickets were fraudulent. 

There are several scams that involve purchasing concert or sporting event tickets.  It is best to buy tickets directly from the box office or a trusted app like StubHub or SeatGeek. If you must purchase from a stranger, then coordinate the purchase at the box office and do not pay before the tickets are confirmed as legitimate tickets.  Be cautious when buying or selling e-tickets as well.  Often, a picture of the ticket can be used to gain entry to an event, so do not post a picture of the ticket on social media or other classified sites.

Virus Pop-up
Figure 2 Example of Virus Pop-up Scam.

CN: 19025006 Computer Virus /Overpayment/ Gift Card Scam

Victim called to report that she received a pop-up on her computer that stated that she had a virus and to contact the number on the screen to purchase the “AppleCare Package” for $798 to repair her computer.  She called the number and purchased the care package by giving the suspects her banking routing and account information.  She was provided a receipt from AppleCare Package and a transaction number.

Approximately 2 weeks later, the AppleCare representative called her back and stated that they were unable to fix the virus and they were going to refund $700 back to her, minus a non-refundable $98 fee.  The representative convinced the victim to “share her screen” which granted the representative access to her computer.  The representative “mistakenly” deposited $7,000 instead of $700 to her account and requested that the victim purchase gift cards (20 - $50 Google Play, 1 - $1,000 Target, and 1- $500 Walmart.  Again, the representative “mistakenly” transferred $24,500 to her checking account and this time asked for 3 cash payments to be mailed to separate addresses in the amounts of $6,000, $7,000, and $12,000.

After sending the money, the victim realized that the representative had used his access to her screen to transfer money from her savings account to her checking account.  Several days later, the victim received a phone call from a “US Marshall” who requested her Social Security Number.  She did not provide any information to him and is working with her bank.  Total loss $27,500.00

Computers can be confusing.  Be sure to reach out to a trusted family member, friend, or local business to verify computer viruses before agreeing to a Virus Repair scam online.  Note the red flag “pay with gift cards” and likely, a very pushy representative who led the victim to believe that “all files and pictures” will be destroyed unless the virus is addressed before hanging up the phone.  The call back from some sort of authority (US Marshall, FBI, etc.) is another way to open up more opportunities for financial fraud and identity theft.

CN: 19025728 and 19026140 Check Endorsement Scam

In both of these cases, the victims were trying to help out a “friend” with cashing a check because the friend didn’t have a bank account. Both victims were offered something in return for making the deposit.  In one case, the victim became suspicious and alerted the bank employee who then contacted us. We were able to disrupt the fraud and the victim did not lose any money.  In the other case, the victim deposited the check into her own account at an ATM, then withdrew and gave the suspects the money only to find out that the check was fraudulent and the account overdrawn. 

Figure 3 Practice Signatures.

CN: 190268007 Traffic Stop, Fraud and Forgery

Traffic Stop for a car that appeared to be actively avoiding a Roseville Officer in an unmarked squad. The car did not make a complete stop at a stop sign and had a “fake” temporary license plate in the window and no other license plates. In the car, officers found items that are consistent with fraudulent activity to include multiple checks, a box for a card writer containing blank cards with magnetic stripes, and citation made out to one of the parties in the car that had a large amount of “practice signatures” on the back. 

Want to learn more about how to prevent Identity Theft, Fraud, and Scams?  Contact Corey Yunke at or (651)792-7209 to receive more information or to schedule a presentation for your group, church, club, or neighborhood.


CN: 19025997, 19026780, 19027106 Bait Car Activations

During the month of August the Investigations Unit responded to three activations of the department’s bait car.

In the first incident, the bait car was stolen by a suspect using a metal spoon that was shaved into the shape of a key. Officers responded to the area and located the bait car being driven on Highway 36. One adult male was arrested. Charges were submitted and are pending with the Ramsey County Attorney’s Office.

In the second incident, the bait car was stolen and later located at a residence in Maplewood. While clearing the house, officers located evidence of vehicles being parted out. Investigators wrote and executed a search warrant on the premises. Three males were arrested in conjunction with the case. The investigation is ongoing.
In the third incident, officers responded to the vehicle after receiving a door alarm. They found no one on scene but items in the vehicle had been searched and the bait car keys were missing. Officers cleared the area. Approximately an hour and a half later, officers responded to a second alert in which the vehicle was started. Officers followed the vehicle which stopped on the 800 block of Sherwood Ave in St. Paul. The driver fled on foot and was arrested after a short chase. Charges were submitted and are pending with the Ramsey County Attorney’s Office.

CN: 19026545 – Shots Fired / Weapons / Robbery

Roseville police were dispatched to the parking lot of Joe Senser’s on a report of shots fired.  They checked the area and initially found nothing. Later, a witness told the officers she believed that guests in a room at the Motel 6 were involved.  Officers made contact with the male and female guests.  The male guest stated that when returning from some errands, they pulled into the parking lot and he saw three male suspects taking things from his hotel room.  The guest gave chase to one of the suspects.  When the guest caught up to the suspect, the suspect pointed a gun at him. The guest ran away from the suspect but then decided to give chase again. This time the guest caught up to the suspect and punched him.  The guest initially said that the suspect fell to the ground and his (the suspect’s) gun went off. Then the guest ran back to his hotel room.  Investigators learned through interviews and surveillance video that an alleged burglary occurred involving a large sum of money.  The guest saw the suspects leaving his room and chased them. The guest was armed with a handgun himself, as well as the suspect. The suspect dropped his gun early on in the chase, which was recovered by officers. The guest caught up to the suspect, pointed a gun at the suspect and recovered some of the stolen property.  The guest then pistol whipped the suspect, causing the gun to discharge. The burglar(s) left no physical evidence and were not identified. The individual who was pistol whipped did not come forward as a victim of assault, and he did not seek medical care at any of the area hospitals. Ultimately, the male guest was charged by formal complaint for gross misdemeanor carry/possess a pistol without a permit.

CN: 19025356 Warrant Arrest

Date/Time:  08-12-2019 at 3:30 a.m.
Location:  Lexington & Roselawn

Officer Vang was on patrol in the area when he observed a suspicious vehicle make evasive movements.  He lost sight of the vehicle for a moment and located it shortly after in the Super America parking lot.  He followed the vehicle for a short time and performed a traffic stop.  The vehicle had no valid registration.  The driver stated he did not have any ID on him and claimed he was from Louisiana.  While speaking with him he would not make eye contact and was behaving in a manner consistent with a person who is lying.  Officer Vang had a Ramsey County Deputy respond with a fingerprint identification unit and they were able to identify the driver and learned he had three Felony warrants for Violation of a No Contact Order, 1st Degree Robbery and 2nd Degree Assault – Weapon.  The driver admitted to seeing the squad and attempting to evade police.  The vehicle was towed due to its lack of registration.  One adult male from Maplewood was arrested on his warrants.  One adult female from Brooklyn Park was released at the scene.

CN: 19025680 Attempted Burglary

Date/Time: 08-15-2019 at 12:04 a.m.
Location: 2400 block of Galtier Street

Officers were dispatched to the area on a report of three juvenile males pulling on house door handles.  The complainant was following the suspects on foot from a distance.  Officers advised the complainant to go back home and wait for officers.  Officers arrived in the neighborhood, located and detained the suspects.  One of the suspects was identified as a 19-year-old male who officers recognized from a recent arrest for 1st Degree Burglary.  The second suspect was identified as a 14-year-old female who had recently been arrested for burglary.  She had an ankle monitor, which she admitted was due to the burglary charges.  The third suspect was identified as a 13-year-old juvenile male.  The witness identified the suspects as the ones seen trying door handles. One adult male from St. Paul was arrested for misdemeanor lurking.  One juvenile female from St. Paul was released to her father.  One juvenile male from St. Paul was released to his father.  The case was forwarded to Ramsey County Attorney’s office for charging consideration.


CN: 19022379
Det. Baker executed a premises and vehicle search warrant in Dakota County reference a predatory offender violation.

CN: 19026780
IMPACT Officers executed a premises search warrant in the City of Maplewood reference a motor vehicle theft case.

CN: 19025317
Officer Cox executed a cell phone search warrant reference a shoplifter case.
Adult Arrests
Figure 4: Number of adult arrests and their reported addresses for felony, gross misdemeanor, and misdemeanor crimes during August 2019. *Ramsey and Hennepin County statistics do not include St. Paul and Minneapolis arrests.
Cases Assigned
Figure 5: Investigative case load August 2019.
Volunteer Hours
Figure 6: Total PD Volunteer Hours for August 2019. *Interns is an estimate of total hours.
Service Calls
Figure 7: Select Calls for Service for August 2019.


Roseville, MN - Part 1 and Part 2 UCR Data; Crimes by Month


The Roseville Police Department strives to have the highest trained officers and staff possible.  Each month our Officers and Staff attend countless hours of training on a variety of subjects.  Training attended this month:

  • Criminal Sexual Conduct Investigative Tools and Tips
  • Lifelock Advanced Identity Theft Summit
  • 2019 Summer Symposium Special Operations and Tactics Association
  • School Resource Officer Active Shooter Response


August 5: Family Night Out
Each year, the Roseville Police Department host Family Night Out as a pre-party to Night to Unite, held the following day.  We estimate a crowd of well over 500 attended the event to enjoy face-painting, a strolling magician, Free Ice Cream (courtesy of the Roseville Police Foundation), a petting zoo, inflatable slide and bounce house, Public Safety Vehicle Tours, and a K9 Demonstration from K9 Handler Ofc. Eckert and his partner, Ragnar.  Read more in a past One Chief’s Perspective Newsletter.

August 6: Night to Unite
is a national event, sometimes called National Night Out, which celebrates the relationship between Public Safety and the neighborhoods that Public Safety Departments serve.  This year, over 80 neighborhoods organized block parties to help get-to-know each other.  Connected neighborhoods are generally the safest neighborhoods.  Each year we attempt to attend as many parties as possible, but with over 80 parties, it can be challenging.  2019 was no different as a child had gone missing during one of the parties and required both Police and Fire Departments to help search for the child.  The child was eventually reunited with its mother. Read more in this article from the Roseville Review:

August 7
Roseville Officers stopped by and helped park volunteers plant trees at the official opening of Unity Park, near the apartments at Rice and Larpenteur.

August 12
Community Relations Coordinator Corey Yunke conducted a CPTED Survey at the Minnesota Department of Education Office per the recommendation of their safety committee. Interested in making your home or business safer? Email Corey at

August 15
Chief Mathwig, Police Services Manager Sarah Mahmud, and CRC Yunke attended the Roseville Police Foundation Board Meeting in preparation of the Foundation’s Annual Golf Fundraiser.  
Officer Howard Johnson EOW

August 16
Roseville Police Department remembers Fallen Roseville Officer Howard Johnson.

August 17
Roseville Police Officers stopped by the Rice / Larp Block Party and helped out with the bounce house.
August 20
CRC Yunke presented “Fostering and Maximizing Community Outreach and Engagement to over 100 government, public safety, and non-profit organizations throughout the U.S. via an online webinar.  This was CRC Yunke’s fourth and last presentation in a series.

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