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Open to Business

Open to Business

Roseville is open to business. Beginning in September, the City of Roseville gained access to the Metropolitan Consortium of Community Developers (MCCD) Open to Business program. Open to Business provides free, confidential business counseling to current and prospective entrepreneurs. There is no cost to the City of Roseville to participate in the program. Access to Open to Business for City of Roseville residents and businesses is being covered by Ramsey County. Read more

Organics Recycling Site Now Open

The City of Roseville’s new organics recycling collection site is open and accepting organic waste. The site is located at the Leaf Recycling Center, 2580 Dale St. Recycling food scraps and other organic waste returns essential nutrients to the soil and improves soil health. Starting a home organics recycling program is easy. Check out the complete article for our four simple getting started steps. This site is for residential use only. No businesses please. Read more

Organics Recycling
ID Theft

Identity Theft Prevention

Roseville Police want to help protect you from becoming a victim of identity theft and fraud. Experts from the police department invite you to an identity theft prevention session on Thursday, September 26, at the Roseville Library from 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. They will share information on what you can do to prevent becoming a victim, and they will share examples of fraud and identity theft scams that have happened here in Roseville.
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Raking Autumn Leaves

Why should you rake your leaves? It’s a simple answer: to protect the environment. Leaves decompose and restock the soil with nutrients and organic matter. But when the leaves land on the street or sidewalk the decomposing bits wash down the street and into the storm drain. They go directly into lakes and rivers where the nutrients feed unwanted algae growth. When algae dies and decomposes it uses up oxygen that fish and native plants need. Read more

Raking Autumn Leaves
Medication Disposal

Unwanted Medication

Roseville Police Officers and Firefighters are often asked what a person can do with unused or unwanted medication. In the past, people were told to dump medications down the drain or put it in the trash. We now know that these options could have serious consequences. Ramsey County offers safe options to dispose of unused medications. Roseville Police and Firefighters offer free medication disposal bags to dispose of small quantities of medication. Read more

Register to Vote

The City of Roseville encourages anyone who has not registered to vote to do so by October 15 in order to vote in the school board elections on November 5. Voting is much quicker if you pre-register. Registering is easy. Complete a voter registration application at, or find a registration card at Roseville City Hall. You are registered if you’ve voted within the last four years; however, you must reregister if you’ve changed your name or address. Read more

Register to vote

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