Roseville Police Monthly Summary

A highlight of the more notable cases, statistics and community engagement

JUNE 2019



CN: 19017332 Flee Police in Motor Vehicle

Date/Time: 06-03-2019 | 12:00 a.m.
Location: Norwood Inn, 2401 Prior Avenue

While patrolling the area in and around the Norwood Inn, Officer Swanson observed a newer white sedan without license plates and what appeared to be a temporary tag in the window. The vehicle quickly backed into the first available parking spot at the Norwood Inn. Approximately 40 minutes later the vehicle left the lot and Officer Swanson followed it as it entered the highway. Officer Swanson attempted a traffic stop of the vehicle as the white sedan sped up to approximately 90 mph on 35W towards Minneapolis. Officer Swanson continued pursuit of the vehicle until it entered a residential neighborhood and he then terminated the pursuit. A short while later, Officer Swanson heard Ramsey County Sheriff and Minneapolis Police were pursuing a similar vehicle and that the vehicle was eventually located without occupants. Officer Swanson traveled to the location recognized the vehicle as the same one he had been pursuing earlier that night. Officers opened the driver’s door and observed a handgun on the floor. The vehicle was towed to the Roseville Police Department for investigation. Officer Swanson contacted the registered owner of the vehicle who stated the vehicle was stolen from the airport on 5/23/19. Officers located multiple items belonging to various individuals inside the vehicle including a Walmart receipt, which was timestamped just prior to the original pursuit, and a wallet containing information on the possible suspect. Officers traveled to Walmart and watched surveillance video of that matched the suspect Officer Swanson observed driving the vehicle. Officers located a BB gun and a driver’s license, which matched the description of the female seen in the vehicle in Minneapolis. The possible suspect has current warrants for his arrest and is a non-compliant sex offender.

CN: 19018449 Aggravated Robbery 

Date/Time: 06-13-2019 | 9:55 p.m.
Location: Rosedale Center, 1595 Hwy 36

Officers were dispatched to Rosedale Mall on a report of a robbery that had just occurred. The suspects were being chased by the victim in the area of the BP gas station on Fairview. Officers were flagged down by three females, one whom was bleeding from a gash near her eye. One of the women stated she and her co-worker were leaving the mall after their shift when they observed two males and a female being chased by a woman screaming and pointing at them. One of the males dropped a purse near Portillo’s restaurant. They caught up to the suspects at the gas station when the suspects attacked one of the females until another female announced that she was calling 911. The suspects fled into a wooded area. Officers eventually took all three suspects into custody. It was determined that one of the male suspects observed a woman at the nail salon with her purse sitting on the floor next to her chair and he decided to steal the purse and run. The owner of the nail salon began chasing them and yelling when the other two witnesses joined in the pursuit. The purse was located and returned to the victim. Two juvenile males and one juvenile female from Maplewood were arrested. One suspect has pled guilty to Misdemeanor 5th Degree Assault and the Felony charges were dismissed per the plea agreement. The other suspects have been charged with Felony Aggravated Robbery, Felony Theft, and Misdemeanor 5th Degree Assault and are awaiting trial.


CN: 19019028 Weapon 

Date/Time: 06-19-2019 | 11:30 p.m.
Location: Rice St. and Minnesota Ave.

Officer Vang was on patrol when he observed a vehicle and driver in the Super America parking lot. He noted he has seen this vehicle and driver multiple times in areas known for high crime and this individual is always very attentive to police presence. Officer Vang parked his squad car across Rice St. and continued to observe the person and vehicle from a distance. Eventually the vehicle left the gas station and Officer Vang followed him. The vehicle made multiple turns in the neighborhood and eventually failed to obey a no turn on red sign. Officer Vang stopped the vehicle and learned the vehicle did not have insurance and neither the driver nor the passenger had a valid driver’s license. Officers informed the driver they would be towing the vehicle as it was not legal for either of them to be driving it and they would be doing an inventory search but they were both free to go. The driver was reluctant to exit the vehicle but eventually complied and the two men began walking away. Officer Ehnstrom assisted the search and located a handgun in the vehicle. Officers turned towards the two men and they began to walk quickly around a corner. Officers were unable to locate either of the males. Officers determined the gun was loaded with 29 rounds and had been modified to make it a fully automatic weapon. A KOPS alert was issued for one adult male from St. Paul. 

CN: 19020345 Narcotics and Flee Police

Date/Time: 06-29-2019 | 2:15 p.m.
Location: Hwy 36 and Dale St.

After clearing a traffic stop, Officer Christensen began driving behind a sport type motorcycle. He could hear the motorcycling “redlining” his engine. He followed and noticed the motorcycle did not have a license plate. The driver then exited and failed to use his turn signal. Officer Christensen attempted to perform a traffic stop but the motorcycle sped off. Officer Christensen did not pursue the vehicle but continued to follow from a distance without his lights and siren. He observed the motorcycle pull over and drop off the passenger who then walked away. Officer Christensen approached the female passenger who initially refused to stop or drop her backpack but eventually complied. He asked her about the driver of the motorcycle and she claimed to only know his first name. She provided him with a MN ID card but Officer Christensen noted the photo did not look like her. Inside the backpack, officers located a large amount of methamphetamine and cash. Officers eventually identified the driver of the motorcycle. Minneapolis Police were familiar with the female as she frequents a drug house in their city. She stated the meth in the backpack belonged to the male driving the motorcycle. Officers confiscated 129 grams of methamphetamine and $1,250 in cash. They also located a substance called Kratom, which is not currently a controlled substance in Minnesota. A KOPS alert was entered for the male suspect. One adult female from Minneapolis was arrested for Felony Violation of Controlled Substance Law. 



CN: 19018132 Attempted Homicide

Date/Time: 06-09-2019 | 10:00 p.m.
Location: Rice St. and Larpenteur Ave.

Roseville Police were dispatched to the corner of Rice St. and Larpenteur Ave. on a report of a shooting. A female called 911 and identified herself as the shooter. Upon arrival, officers located a vehicle in the parking lot with a male victim laying near the front of it. Officers identified a female standing next to the vehicle as Tametria Gillespie, who admitted she had shot her boyfriend. Officers recovered the handgun nearby and placed Gillespie under arrest. The victim was transported to the hospital where he continues to recover. The BCA Crime Scene Team arrived to process the scene. Gillespie was interviewed and said she was arguing with her boyfriend in the vehicle, when he punched her in the face and told her he was going to kill her, so she shot him in self-defense. Her story was inconsistent with security footage gathered by a nearby business. On 6/11/2019, Gillespie was charged with 2nd Degree Attempted Murder.


CN: 19017529
Det. Toran authored a search warrant for TopLine Federal Credit Union reference a fraud case.

CN: 19018132
Det. Ganley authored two search warrants reference an attempted murder case; one for a cell phone and one for the suspect vehicle and scene processing.


Adult Arrests

This chart represents the adult arrests and their reported addresses for felony, gross misdemeanor, and misdemeanor crimes this month.

*Ramsey and Hennepin County statistics do not include St. Paul and Minneapolis arrests.

Cases Assigned

This table represents the cases each member of the Detectives Unit was assigned during the month.

Service Calls

This table shows selected calls for service the Roseville Police Department responded to during the month. It is not inclusive of all calls for service.



Roseville Police Department utilizes the assistance of volunteers in our everyday course of work. The Reserve Unit are uniformed civilians who drive a marked squad and assist officers by directing traffic when needed, transporting prisoners, etc. The Roseville Police Citizen Park Patrol enlists the help of several residents to patrol our parks daily helping to deter crime and pass out information to park visitors. We also have a steady stream of student interns who are helping us out by running errands for investigations, assisting with paperwork for administration, analyzing statistical data and so much more.

Reserves and Park Patrol are actual hours. Interns is an estimate of hours.


The Roseville Police Department strives to have the highest trained officers and staff possible. Each month our Officers and Staff attend countless hours of training on a variety of subjects. Training attended this month:

  • Search Warrants
  • Mindfulness: Staying on Course When You Feel Overworked
  • Investigative Interviewing
  • Crime Scene Course for Law Enforcement
  • Crime Scene Course for Law Enforcement
  • Standardized Field Sobriety Testing
  • Mental Health Part 1 Introduction 2019
  • Mental Health Part 2 Assessment 2019
  • Threat Assessments and Behavioral Intervention Team Training K-12
  • School Resource Officer Training Conference
  • Basic Financial Crimes Investigations


June 5: Police Investigations hosted a Bus Stop Party in front of 2599 Lexington on the day prior to the last day of school.

Bus Stop Party

June 17: Roseville Police hosted its first Kids Safety Camp. 20 local kids spent the day learning about bike safety, household hazards, fire safety, CPR, downed power lines, self-defense, making good decisions, and wrapped up the day with a visit from LifeLink Helicopter. Read more in the Roseville Review.

Kids Safety Camp

June 18: Community Relations Coordinator Corey Yunke provided a CPTED Survey at the Salvation Army Corporate Office in Roseville. CPTED stands for Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design and involves designing an area to prevent crime or other nuisance behaviors. Corey earned his CPTED Practitoner and CPTED Specialist Certificates in 2013.
June 20: Roseville Officers participated in the Special Olympics of Minnesota’s Torch Run.

Torch Run

June 26: Sgt. Schultz hosted a Bankers Breakfast where he and Officers from his crew discussed best practices for Bank Robberies and what to expect when Officers respond to a Bank Robbery in progress. 

June 28: Police Administration hosted a Lemonade Stand at Coventry Apartments (2820 Snelling Ave.) We were hoping for more kids, so Lt. Adams took the Lemonade Stand door-to-door.

Lemonade Stand

June 28: Ofc. Holtmeier stopped by Roseville Area School’s Friendship Connection to talk about summer safety. While there, Ofc. Holtmeier fielded some questions and comments like: “Have you ever been on CNN?” “I think my Mom is stronger than you,” “Are those gloves in your pocket for gardening?

Summer Safety

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