Roseville Police Monthly Summary

A highlight of the more notable cases, statistics and community engagement

APRIL 2019


CN: 19010015 – Stolen Vehicle Recovered

Date/Time: 04-01-2019 | 12:55 a.m.
Location: Snelling Ave. and County Rd. C

Officer Vang attempted to stop a stolen vehicle but the vehicle sped away. Ramsey County attempted to use stop sticks on the vehicle as it entered Arden Hills. Officers called off the pursuit due to the dangerous driving conduct. Officers kept a visual of the vehicle from a distance as it slowed and turned north on Lexington and then turned onto Robinhood Lane. By the time officers arrived, the vehicle was empty. Officers searched the area but did not locate the suspect. Inside the vehicle, officers recovered a backpack containing miscellaneous items to include a prescription. Detective Ganley used the name on the prescription and learned the female was on probation. He contacted her probation officer who stated the female had absconded from the program and her whereabouts were unknown. A warrant has been issued for the suspect.

CN: 19010680 – Felony DANCO Violation / Flee on Foot

Date/Time: 04-06-2019 | 10:05 a.m.
Location: Motel 6 (2300 Cleveland Ave.)

Lt. Adams initiated a traffic stop of a vehicle without plates or visible registration. The driver rapidly exited the vehicle and ran on foot. Lt. Adams pursued the man on foot but lost sight of him. Other squads arrived in the area and began looking for the suspect. Lt. Adams returned to the vehicle to speak with the female passenger who was agitated and uncooperative. Officers learned the identity of the male suspect who fled but the female passenger denied knowing him (even though she had an active Domestic Violence No Contact Order (DANCO) against him). Other officers spotted the suspect who then fled across Hwy 36 into a residential neighborhood. K9 Ragnar was used to search and eventually the suspect was found hiding in a culvert covered in brush. One adult male from N. St. Paul was arrested on multiple outstanding warrants and a new Felony charge related to the DANCO violation. 

Revolver Handgun

CN: 19011362 – Firearm

Date/Time: 04-13-2019 | 1:46 p.m.
Location: Caribou Coffee (2111 Snelling Ave.)

Officers were dispatched to the business on a report of a burglary in progress. Officers entered from the backside of the business and found a male and a female crouched down in the hallway. The couple appeared startled by the officers. They told officers they were just charging a phone to call for a ride. Other officers had encountered a male in the front area of the business who appeared to be under the influence of a narcotic(s) and told officers the man in the back had a gun so they approached and told the man he was under arrest. They placed the male in handcuffs as the female attempted to grab a backpack from the floor. Officers advised her to stop and she complied. Officers located drug paraphernalia and a handgun in the bag. One adult male from Columbia Heights was arrested for Felon in Possession of a Handgun.

CN: 19011327 and 19011356 – Burglary

Date/Time: 04-13-2019 | 5:42 a.m.
Location: 700 block of County Rd B and 1000 Block of S. Lovell Ln.

Officers were dispatched to a burglary of a garage. The homeowner awoke to his car alarm going off. When he went outside, he observed three suspects dressed in black running away. He told officers the garage door opener was missing from his vehicle and it appeared the suspects had used the opener to gain access to his garage and rifled through another vehicle and stole a set of keys. Officers located the suspects by tracking footprints in the snow and took two juvenile males and one adult male from Minneapolis into custody. Later that morning officers received another call of a possible burglary. Officers learned the homeowners had come home with friends late the night before and were in the basement when it is likely these same suspects entered their unlocked vehicle in the driveway and used the garage door opener to gain entrance to their attached garage and ultimately to the home. One of the suspects told officers it is common knowledge in his neighborhood that Roseville residents do not lock their cars making them easy targets. No evidence was found on any of the three suspects and they were released.

CN: 19012091 – Disorderly Conduct

Date/Time: 04-19-2019 | 5:33 p.m.
Location: Rosedale Center

Officer Arneson was clearing a juvenile call at the Transit station when he observed a group of 10-15 juveniles get off a bus and head toward Big Bowl Restaurant. He then was updated by Mall Security they wished to have the group removed from the mall due to their behavior. The group started running through the mall, one suspect produced a metal baseball bat. The group matched the description of several “Somali Outlaw” gang members who have been frequenting the mall and causing problems. Officer Arneson called for backup. He approached the group and ordered them to leave. The group ignored him. Some of the group went to a vehicle parked nearby and asked the driver for a hockey stick. Officer Arneson aired the plate and learned it was a stolen vehicle as it sped off through the parking lot. Rosedale Security then aired they had another group of about 20 individuals fighting outside Von Maur. Several groups were running back and forth between AMC and the lower level. Several of the suspects were detained in the area, identified and then released. Officers were able to get the group to disperse with the majority of them taking the bus. It appears two groups had arrived with the intent to fight. The suspects were identified as juvenile males from St. Paul, Minneapolis, Champlin, and Fridley.


CN: 190011848
On 4/17/19, Officer Holtmeier was dispatched to the Apple store on two suspects in custody for theft.  Loss prevention employees recognized two people who had been in another Apple store earlier in the day, making fraudulent returns. The pair approached employees and attempted to return fraudulent phones. Technicians opened the phones and realized both were tampered with. One adult male and one adult female from New Jersey were detained. Officers arrested them for felony theft. A subsequent search warrant of their rental vehicle, turned up 54 Apple iPhones with an estimated value of over $25,000. All phones were packaged and appeared to be ready to ship. Det. Engh was assigned this case for follow-up. Further investigation shows the pair traveled from New Jersey to Minnesota, stopping at multiple Apple stores along the way to make fraudulent returns. This case remains under investigation.

Folding Knife

CN: 19010911 - Assault / Stabbing
On 4/9/19 at 0450 hours, officers responded to the 2800 block of Snelling Ave on a 911 hang up. Dispatch called back and heard a man yelling for help, while a female told the dispatcher that she had removed a knife from the man's stomach. Upon officers' arrival, the 66-year-old male victim was not able to provide a statement but was holding a bloody rag to his stomach. The female suspect claimed self-defense. A black folding knife was found at the end of the bed. Several days later, the victim was able to give a statement from the hospital. He said that his longtime girlfriend just stabbed him while he was laying down, unprovoked. Officers also responded to this address on 3/17/19, when the suspect claimed the victim assaulted her, so she cut him with a knife. On 4/12/19, the suspect was charged with felony 1st degree assault - great bodily harm.


CN: 19009074
04/2/19: Det. Lowther executed three search warrants reference a sexual assault at Norwood Inn. Warrants were executed on the hotel room, the suspect's vehicle, and to obtain DNA from the suspect.

CN: 19005059
04/12/19: VCET Detective executed a search warrant on a cell phone related to a 60 pound drug bust.

CN: 19011848
04/23/19: Det Sgt Engh executed a search warrant on a vehicle related to a large scale, interstate theft case from Apple. Over 50 stolen phones were recovered in the vehicle.

CN: 19012002
04/25/19: VCET Detective executed search warrants on two phones related to a large scale meth arrest.

CN: 19010988
04/25/19: Officer Stefani executed search warrants on three cell phones related to a human trafficking case.

CN: 19012724
04/30/19: Det. Ganley authored search warrants for two motel rooms at the Norwood Inn related to a sexual assault. Multiple detectives executed both warrants.


Adult Arrests

This chart represents the adult arrests and their reported addresses for felony, gross misdemeanor, and misdemeanor crimes this month.

*Ramsey and Hennepin County statistics do not include St. Paul and Minneapolis arrests.

Cases Assigned

This table represents the cases each member of the Detectives Unit was assigned during the month.

Service Calls

This table shows selected calls for service the Roseville Police Department responded to during the month. It is not inclusive of all calls for service.




Roseville Police Department utilizes the assistance of volunteers in our everyday course of work. The Reserve Unit are uniformed civilians who drive a marked squad and assist officers by directing traffic when needed, transporting prisoners, etc. The Roseville Police Citizen Park Patrol enlists the help of several residents to patrol our parks daily helping to deter crime and pass out information to park visitors. Park Patrol opens up on May 1, 2019. We also have a steady stream of student interns who are helping us out by running errands for investigations, assisting with paperwork for administration, analyzing statistical data and so much more. The 2016 value of volunteer time in MN is $27.58 per hour. That is a value of $2,703 this month.

Reserves and Park Patrol are actual hours. Interns is an estimate of hours.

*Park Patrol opens up on May 1, 2019. 


The Roseville Police Department strives to have the highest trained officers and staff possible. Each month our Officers and Staff attend countless hours of training on a variety of subjects. Training attended this month:

  • AR15/M16 Armorer Class
  • Background Investigations
  • Concept 2 Row Instructor Class
  • Emergency Vehicle Operations Instructor EVOC
  • Forensic DNA for Law Enforcement
  • Interview and the Gentle Art of Persuasion
  • Microsoft Office 2016 PowerPoint Level I
  • Microsoft Office 2016 PowerPoint Level II
  • Microsoft Office 2016 Word Level II
  • Microsoft Office 2016 Word Level III
  • Reality-Based Training Instructor Course
  • SOTA Conference
  • SQL Language Part 1 and 2


04/04/19: Chief Rick Mathwig attended a Press Conference to discuss Roseville Police’s involvement and leadership with the Ramsey County Sexual Assault Collaboration to better serve victims and survivors in our communities.

04/04/19: Community Relations Coordinator Corey Yunke presented a live webinar “Social Media on a Shoestring Budget” to over 100 Law Enforcement, Government, and Non-profit Agencies scattered throughout the United States.

04/11/19: CRC Yunke attended the Special Education Advisory Council meeting to discuss training, policies, technology, and overall involvement surrounding Mental Illness and Juvenile Interaction.

04/18/19: Lt. Scott Williams and CRC Yunke presented Identity Theft, Fraud, and Scam Prevention to a group of seniors at Blue Cross Blue Shield Retail Center. Another presentation is scheduled for late July.

04/23/19 and 04/24/19: Sgt. Schultz and Sgt. Steinberg’s crews visited with the North Como Preschool at New Life Presbyterian Church. The students enjoyed climbing in the squad cars and learning a bit of what it means to be a Roseville Officer.


04/26/19: Roseville Officers and Ramsey County SWAT visited Gillette Childrens Hospital in Superhero Costumes for #NationalSuperHeroDay.

Take Back

04/27/19: Roseville Police hosted a Prescription Drug Take Back event in coordination with the DEA. Roseville Police Officers, staff, and volunteers collected 379 pounds of unused medications from the steady stream of cars over the 4-hour event located in the parking lot of Macy’s. Roughly 200 “Free Donut” coupons were given to those who made the trip to drop of their old meds. 

04/27/19 – 04/28/19: Roseville Police Explorers competed in the Police Explorer State Competition in Rochester. Multiple Teams placed in the competition and a couple of Roseville Explorers received $1,000 Scholarships.

04/29/19: Chief Rick Mathwig, along with Ramsey County Attorney John Choi, and Executive Director of The Source MN, presented at the Roseville Police Foundation’s “Freedom Flights” event at Bent Brewstillery to raise funds and awareness of Human Trafficking in Roseville. The event was well attended, to include multiple representatives from various Rotary clubs who are interested in duplicating the efforts in Roseville.

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