Patrol Incident Summaries

Burglary CN18039166  Dec. 4, 2018 at 1:18 a.m.  
Location:  2654 Lexington Avenue

Officers were dispatched to suspicious people inside an abandoned home.  The complainant stated a pick up truck had pulled up to the vacant house and people went inside.  Officers Reski, Larrive and Cox were first to arrive.  They observed two vehicles in the driveway and several light on inside the home.  Officers yelled out commands to the occupants to exit the home.  Three occupants exited and officers were told there was still one female in the house.  One minute later, three more people exited the home followed by two more.  When asked who owns the home, no one could provide an answer.  Officer Gray and K9 Jagr arrived to clear the house.  He gave multiple loud verbal commands for anyone inside to exit and that he was bringing a K9 in to search.  As he was searching he continued to make announcements.  Halfway through his search a subject appeared at the top of the stairs, he followed commands and was detained by other officers outside.  Officers did not locate anyone else inside.  More than one of the suspects stated they traveled to the home with a male and a female to obtain a stove believing this couple owned the home.  One of the parties stated they had been staying at the home for several days.  The male and female who were arrested for burglary stated they were homeless and had traveled via bus to Rosedale and then to the intersection of Lexington and Woodhill.  While waiting for another bus they said they were approached by a man who asked if they were looking for a place to stay the night.  He told them there was a shed down the hill with a bed and working power.  They went to the shed and saw it had a lot of rodent feces so decided not to stay there.  As they were walking away, they noticed the sliding glass door was partially open so they entered and no one was there, so they decided to stay.  The male stated he called a friend because he wanted a ride to the store and that is when the other people began showing up.  Officers determined the home was owned by “United Properties LLC”.  One adult male from Ramsey and one adult female from Spring Lake Park were arrested for Burglary.  One adult male from Spring Lake Park was arrested on a misdemeanor warrant.  One adult female from Minneapolis was arrested for Felony Violation of Controlled Substance Law.  Several other adults from Mounds View and Minneapolis were trespassed from the home and released. 

Recovered Stolen Vehicle  CN18039420   Dec. 6, 2018 at 3:48 a.m. 
Location:  Motel 6; 2300 Cleveland Avenue

Officers Ehnstrom and Hicke were just finishing a call at the Motel 6 and leaving in their squad cars.  As Officer Ehnstrom drove through the lot, he observed a male and female in a black Lexus SUV without license plates.  The male appeared to be yelling at the female.  Officer Ehnstrom radioed Officer Hicke that he was going to check on the couple to make sure everything was okay.  Officer Hicke returned.  Officer Ehnstrom approached the passenger side and spoke with the male while Officer Hicke spoke to the female driver.  They both stated they were fine and they were staying in room 306.  Officers told them they were free to go to their room.  Officer Hicke ran the VIN as Officer Hicke kept an eye on the couple as they climbed the stairs to the second floor (note room 306 is on the third floor).  Officer Ehnstrom learned the vehicle had been reported stolen.  Officer Hicke yelled at the couple to stop and put their hands up.  They complied at first, then both ran. Officers called for backup and began chasing the suspects on foot.  Officer Ehnstrom chased the male as the male ran onto the Highway.  Officer Vang arrived in the area and used his squad to box him in.  Officer Ehnstrom took him into custody.  After a short foot pursuit, Officer Hicke took the female into custody.  One adult female from St. Paul was arrested for Fleeing Police on Foot, Obstructing, and Tampering with Motor Vehicle.  One adult male from St. Paul was arrested for Fleeing Police on Foot, Obstructing, Tampering with Motor Vehicle, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

Robbery CN18039457  Dec. 6, 2018 at 1:39 p.m.
Location:  T-Mobile; 1701 Lexington

Officer Chau was dispatched to a business on a theft report.  When he arrived, the employee told him a male suspect wearing a ski mask had walked in with his right hand in his jacket pocket implying he had a weapon and demanded money.  He said he removed all the money from the cash registers and the suspect ordered him into the back office where he took two bank deposits from the safe.  He said the suspect left on foot.  The store does have surveillance video but the employee does not have access.  Officer Chau stopped at Arthur’s Jeweler’s and requested they look at their cameras to see if the suspect ran past their business.  Their video shows the suspect running on foot across Lexington and east on Dionne St.  Roseville Smoke Shop also had cameras.  Officer Chau requested they provide video footage when their manager returned.  Detective Ganley reviewed all video obtained determined it was unsuitable for identification or dissemination.  Total amount taken was $1,563.  Case is pending further leads.  

Person in Crisis CN18039933  Dec. 10, 2018 at 8:29 p.m.
Location:  Motel 6; 2300 Cleveland Avenue

Officers responded to a call of a male suspect who was sending text messages stating, “Watch the news, Roseville MN Mass Murder” and “I have to kill them."  The suspect’s sister stated she believed her brother was upset at his girlfriend and that they were staying at the motel.  Officers checked the guest registry to determine which room was registered to the girlfriend.  Officers observed a male wearing a hooded sweatshirt and holding a backpack standing outside her door.  Officers approached and called the suspect by his first name.  The suspect was very compliant and followed all of the officer’s commands until the point they began to pat search him for weapons.  Suddenly the suspect became agitated and began swearing at officers and pulling away from them.  Eventually, the suspect was tased, which had little effect on him.  Through a brief struggle, officers were able to gain control of the suspect.  The suspect then became calm and apologized to officers.  One adult male from St. Paul was transported to the Hospital for evaluation.  He was later charged with GM Obstructing Legal Process.

Suicide in Progress  CN18040209  Dec. 13, 2018 at 11:35 p.m.
Location:  Address Restricted

Officers Dickens and Vang responded to a 42-year-old suicidal female.  The woman had asked her mother to call 911 so she could go to the hospital.  Officers arrived and were met at the door by the mother and her daughter.  The daughter then stated she was fine and did not want to see anyone.  Officer Dickens asked her if she would talk to them about what was going on tonight and she agreed.  Officer Vang spoke with her mother while Officer Dickens spoke with the daughter.  The mother stated her daughter has struggled with undiagnosed and untreated mental health issues her whole life. The daughter was visibly distraught; she was muttering to herself and then appeared to be speaking to someone else who was not in the room. She was pacing around the dining room and Officer Dickens had her take a seat at the table.  She agreed to be evaluated by medics.  She then began to reach under the table where there was a plastic shopping bag.  Officer Dickens told her not to reach for anything and she grabbed a handgun from the bag.  Officer Dickens immediately grabbed the gun out of her hands.  He recognized the gun as a loaded revolver style replica pellet gun.  Officer Vang took the gun and they escorted the female outside.  As they were walking her outside she was mouthing the words “shoot me, shoot me”.  Once outside and away from her mother she started to yell, “Shoot me just shoot me!"  The female was placed inside the ambulance where she grabbed one of the medics in an attempt to get him to hurt her as she was screaming, “kill me” and attempted to bite one of the medics.  One adult female from Roseville was transported to the hospital for treatment.

Hit-and-Run & Reckless Driving  CN18039996  Dec, 13, 2018 at 9:35 a.m. 
Location:  Rosedale Center; 1595 Hwy 36

St. Paul Gang unit had notified Roseville Police they had information of a large group of people who would be at the AMC Theater for a school event and several of these individuals had direct ties to a recent shooting death in St. Paul.  Officers were concerned of a possible gang retaliation.  Lt. Williams was in an unmarked police vehicle at Rosedale Center performing surveillance.  When he heard a loud crash and observed a silver vehicle and a black vehicle that appeared to have collided.  He watched as the drivers exited their vehicles and conversed briefly.  He observed them return to their cars and the male driver of the silver vehicle backed up and quickly drove around the other vehicle and fled the scene.  Lt. Williams attempted to catch up with the suspect vehicle to stop it and he noticed a black SUV appeared to be following the silver vehicle.  Both vehicles began to increase their speed as they exited onto County Road B2.  Lt. Williams had radioed other officers to what he had witnessed.  He activated his emergency lights as he approached County Road C.  His progress was hampered by a vehicle who abruptly stopped in front of him when seeing his emergency lights and he lost sight of the vehicle as they turned east on County Road C. Sgt. Steinberg observed the black vehicle traveling at approximately 100 mph on County Road C near Lexington Ave.  Officer Dattilo found the silver vehicle crashed into a retaining wall of a home on Terrace Drive.  The vehicle was unoccupied.  Witnesses report the suspects ran from the crash and that the black SUV made a u-turn and left the area.  Sgt. Steinberg located a female suspect walking away from the crash and she admitted to being involved.  Lt. Adams observed the male suspect driver running through a marshland with very tall grass, the suspect looked back and saw squads and ducked down.  As Lt. Adams began approaching on foot the suspect stood up and began running and then ducked down again.  He ultimately followed commands and was taken into custody. One adult male from Minneapolis was arrested for Leaving the Scene of Accidents (twice), Reckless Driving, No Insurance, No Minnesota Driver’s License, Possession of Marijuana, and an outstanding Warrant. One adult female from Minneapolis was released at the scene.

 Robbery  CN18041160  Dec. 22, 2018 at 5:52 p.m. 
Location:  Von Maur; 1595 Hwy 36

Officer Arneson has just started his off-duty shift at Rosedale Center when he heard Von Maur security yelling on the mall security radio channel.  She stated two male shoplifting suspects had sprayed them with pepper spray and were fleeing the area on foot towards the transit Center.  Officer Arneson activated his squad lights and siren and drove to the transit center.  He observed the two suspects attempting to get on the bus; he pointed his Taser at them and ordered them to get on the ground.  The suspects ignored his commands.  One of the suspects reached towards his back pocket, Officer Arneson again yelled at him to get down, and the suspect complied.  The other suspect was still not complying. He ordered him to drop his backpack and get on the ground.  The suspect dropped the bag and then raised a can of pepper spray and pointed it directly at Officer Arneson.  He gave him two more commands to drop the pepper spray or be tased.  The suspect refused to comply and Officer Arneson tased him.  Additional officers had arrived on scene at this point and assisted taking the suspects into custody.  Video surveillance at Von Maur showed the suspects concealing $270 worth of merchandise and attempting to leave the store without paying.  Von Maur employees report one suspect sprayed them with pepper spray and the other pointed pepper spray at them as they were fleeing the store.  Two adult males from St. Paul were arrested for Felony Simple Robbery.

Recovered Handgun and Magazine

Weapons / Recovered Stolen Vehicle CN18041733 Dec. 27, 2018 at 6:39 p.m. 

Location: Rosedale Center; 1595 Hwy 36 / Har Mar Mall; 2100 Snelling Avenue

Officer Arneson was working off-duty at Rosedale Center when the Director of Mall Security gave him a box of 9MM ammunition.  He stated a guard located the ammunition in the parking lot outside of Von Maur.  He also told him 6 juvenile shoplifters had fled from DSW in a vehicle and the ammo had fallen from the car.  The box contained 49 of the 50 rounds.  Officer Arneson traveled to DSW and spoke with the manager who said six suspects who appeared to be juveniles fled the store after stealing multiple items.  He watched the video surveillance and obtained suspect descriptions to air to other squads.  Dispatch then informed officers a witness had observed the theft at DSW and had followed the vehicle to Har Mar Mall.  The witness said all six suspects entered Marshalls.  The witness provided a plate number to the vehicle, which came back as stolen.  Officer Arneson traveled to Har Mar where he observed the witnesses pointing to the suspect vehicle.   Several other officers had responded to the area.  A short time later, the juveniles came sprinting out of Marshalls towards the vehicle.  Officers took all six juveniles into custody.  A 9mm handgun was located on a 13-year-old juvenile male.  Inside the vehicle, officers located a knit hat containing several rounds of ammunition and an empty box of 380 ammunition on the floor. One juvenile male from St. Paul was arrested for Felony Possession of a Pistol under 18 and Felony Possession of Stolen Vehicle. One juvenile male from St. Louis Park was turned over to St. Louis Park Police, as he was a runaway.  The remaining juvenile male from St. Paul and three juvenile females from Minneapolis were released to their parents. 


Felony Theft  CN18038335

On 11/28/18 Officer Olson responded to Guitar Center on a theft.  Two males entered the store and selected two guitars – with a total value of $3,000 – and left the store.  They fled in a Ford Focus.  Review of video showed that one of the suspects stole two additional guitars the day before.  Officer Olson located the stolen guitars for sale on Facebook Marketplace and alerted IMPACT officers of his findings.  A controlled buy was set up with the suspect, identified as Abdiid Adow, and officers arrested him after confirming the guitars he was selling were the ones from the theft.  Adow also unsuccessfully attempted to sell the guitars to a pawnshop.  During his arrest, officers seized Adow’s cell phone.  Officer Stefani authored a search warrant on the phone and determined it was Adow who was communicating with officers regarding the sale of guitars.  On 1/3/19, Adow was charged with felony theft.  He has six prior felony convictions; two for fleeing police in a motor vehicle, 3rd degree burglary, two terroristic threats, and an aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. 

Robbery Note

Armed Robbery CN18041328

On 12/24/18 at 0800, Officers were dispatched to Dollar Tree on a report of an armed robbery.  Officer Lopez arrived and spoke to multiple employees.  One victim said she was working at the register when she was approached by a male customer, later identified as Quincy Petty, who set down several one-dollar bills.  He then said, “Open your register, I’m robbing you…..I’m not playing.”  She told Petty that only the manager could open the register.  A second suspect went to the back and brought the manager to the front of the store.  He said, “We don’t want to hurt y’all, we just want Uncle Sam’s money!”  The suspects then demanded money from a second employee.  The employee immediately recognized the male as the boyfriend of another employee, and feared he was going to be shot.  Petty then pulled a mask up over his face. Two managers took the men to the safe and gave them approximately $1,700.  All employees witnessed the men drive away in a red Ford SUV.  St Paul PD went to the home of the suspect’s girlfriend and located the red SUV and Petty nearby.  Petty is the registered owner of the vehicle but told officers he never drives it.  Witnesses confirmed his identity as the person who robbed the store.  Roseville Officers traveled to St Paul and took custody of Petty, finding almost $600 in one-dollar bills and a note that said “Robbery.”  The suspect vehicle was towed to RPD.  Det. Lowther executed a search warrant on the vehicle.  When interviewed, Petty denied involvement.  On 12/31/18, Petty was charged with 2nd Degree Aggravated Robbery and Felony Simple Robbery.

Search Warrants

  • 18031908 – Det. Lowther authored a search warrant for an iPhone related to a September burglary case.
  • 18033181 – Narcotics Detective authored a search warrant for a DNA buccal swab from a suspect in a large-scale narcotics case.
  • 18037728 – Det. Schultz authored a search warrant for a Kia vehicle used in a theft from auto / possession of stolen property case.  Det. Schultz and IMPACT Officer Stefani executed the warrant, finding multiple items confirmed to be stolen from Roseville residents.
  • 18038335 – IMPACT Officer Stefani authored a search warrant on a cell phone.  Det. Kim pulled all data from the phone reference an ongoing theft case.
  • 18040026 – Det. Baker authored a search warrant on a cell phone related to a felony level domestic assault case.
  • 18041328 – Det. Lowther authored and executed a search warrant on a Ford Explorer used in an armed robbery.
  • 18041492 – Det. Lowther authored a search warrant for a home in the 500 block of Lovell Ave reference an arson case.  Multiple officers and detectives executed the warrant.

Community Engagement

Lt. Adams and partner at Shop with a Cop
Deputy Chief Scheider with partner at Shop with a Cop
Pitzl shopping with SWAC attendee
  • In December, we hosted the 14th Annual Shop with a Cop, which is made possible by generous donations from the community and area businesses. We helped 13 kids who have been negatively impacted this past year. It gives us a chance to help them have a great holiday season. We also get to know each other a little better under positive circumstances.
  • Roseville Officers hosted a Coffee with a Cop at Rosedale Center during their Sunday Dog Walking Event.  Officers passed out dog treats and free coffee while answering a few random questions.  Stay tuned for the next Coffee with a Cop.
  • Roseville Police participated in a Virtual Ride Along with other Minnesota Police Agencies.  A Virtual Ride Along allows Twitter followers to catch a glimpse of what Officers are doing during that shift in real time.  One tweet from that night earned 44,776 impressions, 2,148 Total Engagements to include 945 likes.  Twitter helps our department share some of our more noteworthy incidents and helps us communicate potential dangerous situations to residents. E.g. road closures, areas to avoid, and crime prevention tips.


Roseville Police Department utilizes the assistance of volunteers in our everyday course of work.  The Reserve Unit are uniformed civilians who drive a marked squad and assist officers by directing traffic when needed, detention center transports, etc.  The Roseville Police Citizen Park Patrol enlists the help of several residents to patrol our parks daily helping to deter crime and pass out information to park visitors.  We also have a steady stream of student interns who are helping us out by running errands for investigations, assisting with paperwork for administration, analyzing statistical data, and much more. 

2016 value of volunteer time in MN is $26.40 per hour. That is $2,191 this month and $64,178 for 2018. 

December Volunteer Hours - 83 Hours
2018 Total Volunteer Hours - 1143 Reserves, 770 Interns, 518 Park Patrol


More statistical data is available on our website:   

Adult Arrests

This chart represents the adult arrests and reported addresses for felony, gross misdemeanor, and misdemeanor crimes this month. *Ramsey and Hennepin County statistics do not include St. Paul and Minneapolis arrests.

Adult Arrests 2018 December
Adult Arrests 2018 Totals

Cases Assigned

This table represents the cases each member of the Detectives Unit was assigned during the month.

Investigations Unit - Cases assigned December 2018
Cases assigned 2018 Totals
Select Calls For Service in December and 2018
Selected calls for service for December 2018 and 2018. 


The Roseville Police Department strives to have the highest trained officers and staff possible.  Each month our Officers and Staff attend countless hours of training on a variety of subjects.  Training attended this month:

  • DataMaster DMT Operator Recertification
  • Glock Armorer Course 
  • Interview and Interrogation
  • Mental Health 1 Introduction (2018)
  • Mental health 2 Assessment
  • Mental Health Part 3 Intervention
  • 72 Hour Holds 2018 Update
  • Law Enforcement Response to Suicidal Subjects
  • Critical Issues Forum:  Strategies to Recruit and Retain
  • National Response Framework IS-00800.c
  • Conflict Management, Mediation and Crisis Intervention
  • Strength and Resiliency: Tactical Approach to Wellness
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