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Theft from Auto occurs when an item or items are removed from a vehicle without the owner’s consent. Attempting to enter someone else’s vehicle or rummaging through a vehicle without stealing anything is called Tampering with Auto.

Theft from Auto is an incredibly easy crime to commit, especially when valuable items are left inside a vehicle. It is rare for a car to be broken into on a “hunch” that something valuable is inside. Generally, valuable items are left in plain view for passer-byers and more often than not, vehicles are left unlocked.

Stopping Theft from Auto relies very heavily on human behavior. See Crime Prevention Notes (below the tables) for tips on how to reduce Theft from Autos.

Here are some statistics associated with the 26 Theft from Auto incidents that occurred in Roseville during the month of September 2019:

Theft from Auto Stats
Theft from Auto Statistics, September 2019
  • Total approximate value of stolen items: $9,954.00
  • Total approximate amount of fraudulent charges used with credit/debit cards stolen in Theft from Autos in September 2019: $3,000+
  • Over ½ of Thefts from Autos involved unlocked doors. 
  • Locked vehicles were generally entered by breaking windows or cutting truck bed covers. 
  • Almost all of locked vehicles that were reported to be broken into had a backpack, laptop bag, cell phone, and/or purse in plain view. 

Crime Prevention Notes:

  • Do not leave valuable items inside of a vehicle. It is hard to steal that which isn’t there. 
  • Secure your vehicle. Lock doors and roll windows up. 
  • Park in well-lit areas with higher visibility. E.g. Under parking lights and near entrances to buildings with hopes that someone may observe and report suspicious behavior. 
  • If you need to leave valuables unattended in a vehicle, then move items to trunk or conceal items BEFORE arriving to the destination. E.g. Move laptop bag to trunk before leaving for the gym, parks, shopping, or happy hour.


Drug Paraphernalia
Figure 1: Water pipe aka bong used to smoke meth

CN: 19028509 Flee Police on Foot

Date/Time: 09-10-2019 | 3:11 a.m.
Location: Dale Street, Shryer Avenue, Alameda Street, Ryan Avenue

Officers Wiesner and Walker were traveling south on Dale when they were nearly struck by another vehicle making a wide turn. Almost immediately after the near collision, the vehicle made a quick turn onto Shryer as if to evade officers. As they entered the neighborhood, they did not see any taillights. As they were driving out of the neighborhood, they observed taillights backing out of a driveway and they turned around to find the vehicle had turned another corner and officers again could not locate the vehicle. At this time, a call came in from a resident of that street regarding a suspicious vehicle in their driveway and suspects on foot. Officers set up a perimeter with the help of Ramsey County. One of the suspects approached an officer and identified herself as being a suspect from the vehicle. Officers searched the vehicle and located drug paraphernalia and a cell phone. The phone was continually ringing and showing the caller ID belonging to a known drug dealer who officers believe lives in the area. The female gave officers information on the driver of the vehicle and the fact that they both smoke meth and heroin. One adult female from Mounds View was cited for Flee Police and released.

Figure 2: Bag of Ecstasy

CN: 19029941 Narcotics

Date/Time: 09-24-2019 | 1:50 a.m.
Location: Motel 6, 2300 Cleveland Avenue

Officer Vang observed a vehicle blocking the exit to the Motel 6. He waited and observed the vehicle from a distance and then followed it as it left the lot and traveled onto the highway. He then observed driving conduct consistent with an impaired driver and performed a traffic stop of the vehicle. The driver stated he was going to Minneapolis to sell a set of rims to get money to rent a room at the motel. The driver stated he did not have ID on him and verbally identified himself. Officer Vang determined he gave false information and the driver eventually admitted he gave him his brother’s name to avoid having his vehicle towed. Officer Christensen arrived to assist and they took the driver into custody. They located $700 cash in his pocket, which he stated he could not use to rent a room because the money was not his. Officer Christensen noticed a piece of plastic molding on the passenger side floor of the vehicle that appeared to be bulging out. He removed the loosely attached plastic panel and located a baggie containing ecstasy pills. Officers located a bottle containing 100 pills of Oxycodone and a prescription bottle of Promethazine syrup. These containers are the type found in a pharmacy and often possessed by those involved in robbery/burglary of a pharmacy. One adult male with no permanent address was arrested for Felony Violation of Controlled Substance Law.

CN: 19029965 Felony DWI

Date/Time: 9-24-2019 | 9:53 a.m.
Location: 700 Block of Sandhurst Drive

Officers were alerted by a neighbor of a suspect male who routinely drives intoxicated and that the suspect had just left his home, was most likely going to the liquor store, and would be returning shortly. Officers spoke with the complainant and obtained detailed information on the driver and his vehicle. Officers waited by a nearby liquor store and began following the suspect when he drove by. Officers activated their emergency lights in an attempt to stop the vehicle. The suspect did not stop but continued directly into his driveway, where the suspect immediately exited his vehicle ignoring officer’s commands to stop. After a short struggle, officers took the suspect into custody. The suspect refused to submit to a breath test or field sobriety testing as he stated he knew he would not pass. Inside the vehicle was a case of beer that appeared to be still cold from being purchased. There were only 12 cans left in the case, one mostly empty can in the center console and several empty cans on the floor. The suspect has numerous prior DWI convictions. One adult male from Roseville was arrested for Felony DWI, Flee Police, Felony DWI Warrant and Driving Cancelled - Inimical to Public Safety.

NIK and Drumstick
Figures 3 and 4:"NIK tested" positive for meth and drumstick implied as a handgun

CN: 19030409 Robbery with Handgun Implied

Date/Time: 09-27-19 | 11:58 p.m.
Location: Kohl’s, 1651 County Road B2

Officers were dispatched to a theft from Kohl’s. Loss Prevention officer reported he followed the suspect outside the business and when confronted the suspect lifted his shirt to show what appeared to be a handgun in his waistband. Roseville Officers began searching for the suspect and located him near the AMC theaters at Rosedale. The suspect refused to comply with orders to stop and was ultimately tased and taken into custody. Officers determined the suspect had a drumstick with black tape wrapped around it inside his pants in an apparent attempt to look like a gun. Officers located the stolen merchandise and methamphetamine on the suspect.  One adult male from Minneapolis was arrested for Felony Aggravated Robbery, Felony Threats of Violence, and Felony Violation of Controlled Substance Law.


Figure 5: Suspect’s backpack described as Black with Minnesota Gophers patch, later disguised with different patch.

CN: 19028530 – Possession of Stolen Property

On September 10, Roseville Police were called to Play It Again Sports regarding a male who was alleged to show up and attempt to sell stolen sports equipment. The victim had his vehicle broken into the night before in Minneapolis and was calling around to stores to see if anyone had shown up to sell his equipment. The Play It Again Sports in St. Paul said that a male came into their location with equipment that matched the victim’s description but they refused to buy it. They told the suspect to try the Roseville location. The victim went to the Roseville location and saw the suspect ride up on his bicycle. When the suspect recognized the victim’s vehicle he took off. While Roseville Officers were gathering this information, a female overheard the conversation and told officers where they might be able to find the suspect. Roseville PD Detectives and IMPACT officers were assisting in locating the suspect. Through the sharing of information and photos between officers, Roseville PD Detective Toran located the suspect exiting Guitar Center. When Det. Toran attempted to stop the suspect, the suspect took off on foot. A short time later, IMPACT officers located the suspect at the Rosedale Mall Bus Station and identified him as Blake Dotson. Through coordinated efforts between Patrol and Investigations Officers, Dotson was arrested and charged with Gross Misdemeanor Receiving Stolen Property and Misdemeanor Evading Arrest.

CN: 19030333/19030370/19030375/19030401/
        19030608/19030644/19030726 – Burglary

On September 27, Roseville Police responded to multiple reports of burglary and theft in the second district. All incidents happened in a close proximity and during a short span of time. That same day, Ramsey County Deputies were dispatched to a call of a female slumped over the steering wheel of a vehicle. When deputies arrived they discovered that the female was the same suspect from the Roseville incidents earlier that day. They determined this by locating multiple stolen items that belonged to Roseville residents in the vehicle she was driving. Ramsey County Deputies arrested the female on drug related charges and possession of stolen property. Roseville PD Detectives were notified of the female’s arrest and that the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office had recovered some of the stolen items from the vehicle. With the permission of the vehicle owner, Roseville PD Detective Sergeant Engh and IMPACT officers searched the vehicle the suspect was driving for additional stolen items. This turned into recovering many more stolen items. Detectives were then tasked with coordinating the return of multiple stolen items to victims. It was later determined that, in one day, the female suspect had committed six burglaries in the city of Roseville. She had also allegedly committed multiple thefts in other cities around the metro area. Charges were submitted by Roseville PD and are pending with the Ramsey County Attorney’s Office.


CN: 19027106
IMPACT officers executed a cell phone search warrant reference a motor vehicle theft.

CN: 19027877
IMPACT officers executed two cell phone search warrants reference an ongoing narcotics investigation.

CN: 19010216
Det. Toran executed a search warrant for purchase information reference and ongoing fraud investigation.

CN: 19028297
Det. Lowther executed a vehicle search warrant reference an ongoing death investigation.

CN: 19028297
IMPACT officers executed a cell phone search warrant reference an ongoing death investigation.

CN: 19029386
IMPACT officers executed a cell phone search warrant reference an ongoing human trafficking investigation.
Adult Arrests
Figure 6: This chart represents the adult arrests and their reported addresses for felony, gross misdemeanor, and misdemeanor crimes this month. *Ramsey and Hennepin County statistics do not include St. Paul and Minneapolis arrests.
Cases Assigned
Figure 7: Investigative case load September 2019.
Volunteer Hours
Figure 8: Total Department Volunteer Hours for September 2019. The 2017 value of volunteer time in MN is $27.58 per hour. That is a value of $4,909 this month. 
Service Calls
Figure 9: This table shows selected calls for service the Roseville Police Department responded to during September 2019. It is not inclusive of all calls for service.


Roseville, MN - Part 1 and Part 2 UCR Data; Crimes by Month


The Roseville Police Department strives to have the highest trained officers and staff possible. Each month our Officers and Staff attend countless hours of training on a variety of subjects. Training attended this month:

  • 2019 National Latino Police Officers Association Training and Convention
  • Crisis Intervention Team Training
  • 2019 Realistic De-escalation Workshop
  • Written Communication
  • Women's Leadership Conference
  • Leadership Academy
  • Background Investigations
  • Social Media, Open Source Intelligence and Cyber Crime Investigations
  • Advanced Gun Laws
  • Stand Point New Laws 2019


09/13: Virtual Ride Along (aka Tweet-along aka Tweets from the Street).  Roseville PD, along with a dozen or so other agencies, shared their respective incidents, calls, and traffic stops via Twitter. Follow RPD at @RosevilleMN_PD to catch the next @MNcopsVRA - Virtual Ride Along.

09/26: ID Theft, Fraud, and Scam Prevention Presentation at the Roseville Library. Lt. Scott Williams, Det. Juan Toran, and CRC Corey Yunke shared tips on how to prevent the latest scams. Contact Corey Yunke at to learn more about these presentations. 

Roseville PD Virtual Ride Along (Twitter)

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