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Police Civil Service Commission

Meeting Minutes

January 26, 2010


Members Present:

PCSC Chairperson: Mary Jean Turinia Anderson and fellow commissioners Teresa Bailey and James Campbell


Others Present:

Roseville Police Captain Rick Mathwig. Ms. Eldona Bacon, City of Roseville Human Resources Dept., attended and participated later in the meeting.


Chairperson Anderson called the meeting to order at 1:00 pm.


Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes:


The Commission unanimously approved the November 17, 2009 meeting minutes.


B.   Any Previous Action Items:


Captain Mathwig will be meeting with the City Manager to discuss the sworn RPD employees versus non-sworn RPD employees question posed by Commissioner Anderson under item D. #1 in the November 17, 2009 minutes and report at the next PCSC meeting in February.


All other action items from the November meeting have been completed.


C.  Discussion of Various PCSCs’ Best Practices.


The Roseville PCSC continues to examine the current PCSC Rules and Regulations (R & Rs) as well as best practices of other cities with the goal to: review the existing Roseville R & R’s for continuing applicability, update as best practices may indicate, and then approve / communicate the revised Roseville PCSC R & Rs.


PCSC Chairperson Anderson reviewed the highlights of her best-practice information meeting with another suburb’s PCSC that she conducted since our last meeting.  Altogether, three other PCSCs have been interviewed by Roseville PCSC Commissioners and the process is now completed.


The rest of the PCSC meeting was devoted to reviewing the current PCSC Rules and Regulations against: current Roseville practices, inputs from the best-practice interviews, and current laws and regulations concerning data privacy, etc. About half of the current R & Rs were reviewed and edited during today’s meeting. The rest of the R & R’s will be continued at the next PCSC meeting.


It was stated by Captain Mathwig, and confirmed by Ms. Bacon, that the City of Roseville does not have a formal affirmative action plan / goals therefore, the applicable referenced wording in the current Roseville PCSC Rules and Regulations needs to be one of the aspects that needs to reconciled in the new version that is currently being revised by the PCSC along with Captain Mathwig’s inputs.


Action Item: Captain Mathwig


Captain Mathwig will verify Roseville’s affirmative action position with City Manager Bill Malinen.


It was agreed that once the revised Roseville PCSC Rules and Regulations have been completed, reviewed, and approved, they will be available to all affected Roseville P.D. employees via the internet as is done by other suburbs contacted during the best-practices interviews.                                  


Other Discussion Items at This Meeting:


The PCSC is primarily focused on RPD matters related to human resource practices as defined in the State of Minnesota statutes and City of Roseville ordinance; therefore, Ms. Bacon was invited to attend future Roseville PCSC meetings at her discretion, as a contributing observer. Her inputs at today’s meeting were appreciated.


The next meeting of the Roseville PCSC is scheduled for Tuesday, February 16, 2010. Chairperson Anderson will arrange with the City Manager to have an agenda distributed prior to this meeting.


Once Captain Mathwig has updated the current progress on the R & R’s and e-mailed to the PCSC, each Commissioner should review the revised draft before the next meeting in order to be better prepared to discuss the content and best utilize the time of all concerned.


No other items were brought up nor any other discussions.




There were no other matters brought up at this time to the PCSC, therefore the meeting was adjourned at 2:35 pm.