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The Minnesota Department of Health is requiring all public water systems to document what material the water service to the homes and businesses are made of. The goal is to identify if any services are lead. The City of Roseville’s water system was started in the mid 1960’s, so there are likely very few lead services that were installed.

Service Pipe Inspection

The City of Roseville is required to document the material of all water services. To complete this task, the City is requesting residents submit information about their water service or arrange an inspection by the City. By submitting the information, the City does not need to arrange an inspection to come into your home and this saves time and money, and is less disruptive to residents. If, for any reason, residents cannot perform the inspection or need help to identify the water service material, they can contact the City at 651-792-7004 to arrange an inspection. If the City does not hear from residents by April of 2024, the City will reach out directly to residents to arrange for an inspection. The City inspector will come to your house and do a quick inspection which should only take a minute or two.

Three of the services documented to date have been lead.

How to Help

Residents can help the City meet this mandatory requirement by doing a quick inspection and submitting the information. Follow the steps outlined below. If you have any questions about the process or if this is too difficult, contact the City at 651-792-7004 to ask questions or to arrange an inspection.

Resident Inspection Handout – Includes step-by-step instructions with photos on how to inspect your service. 

Step 1 – Locate the water service line
Step 2 – Identify the pipe material
Step 3 – Take three (3) photos (optional)
Step 4 – Submit your information using one of these methods:

A table shows the differences between different metals used for water pipes.

Below are some additional resources to help identify your water service materials:

Do you have lead pipes in your home?
Service Line Material Types and Definitions
How to check your water service line material
Water Service Pipe Material Identification

If Your Service is Lead

Although unlikely, if you identify your water service is lead, the City will arrange an inspection to confirm this. If the City confirms it is lead, the City will provide information and resources about lead replacement.

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