Emerald Ash Borer Mitigation


The City of Roseville is seeking a vendor to manage, implement and complete its Emerald Ash Borer Mitigation Plan over the next three years. The plan calls for the removal and replacement of the city's 1302 public ash trees in a planned manner that reduces the short-term and long-term impact on the city's tree canopy. 

The project will be awarded using the Best Value process and analysis. 

A mandatory educational meeting was held at Roseville City Hall at 9:30am on Tuesday, November 2This session will provide education on the Best Value process and the objectives of the project. 

Request for Proposal Documents

View the complete RFP here, including instructions for the Best Value submittals. 

NOTE: Per the conversation at the education meeting, proposals will be accepted through Monday, November 22 at 11:59am. 

RFP Questions and Answers: 

Q. We are trying to get our plan rolling on this project and need the Tree Location Map, and any other information that would be helpful to our plan(i.e. Easements, Public areas maps).

Q. We are curious if we as the contractor will have to mark the trees for removal or if the city's Forester will do so?

  • A. Our preliminary ash inventory has been provided. The details on how trees are marked and prioritized for removal shall be proposed by the vendor. 

Q. Which companies were at the RFP meeting?

  • A. The following vendors were present at the meeting: 
    • Margolis Company
    • Davey Resource Group
    • Precision Landscape and Tree
    • Upper Cut Tree  
    • MN Tree Trust

Q.  Are MN DOLI prevailing wages required for this contract? And if yes, do the prevailing wages apply to all scopes of work laid out in this contract? 

  • A. Prevailing wage is not required for this contract.

Q. Will the city consider/allow staging locations for tub grinding in city parks?  

  • A. The city may consider allowing staging, depending on proposed specifics. 

 Q. Will the city consider/allow temporary staging of equipment/trucks on city property? 

  • A. The city may consider allowing staging, depending on proposed specifics. 

Q. Can you provide an Inventory (location) of treated trees?

  • A. In 2020, 67 park ash trees were treated at: Bruce Russell Park, Central Park Lexington, Howard Johnson Park, Keller Mayflower Park, Lexington Park, and Veterans Park.
  • A. In 2021, 104 park ash trees were treated at: Central Park Victoria West, Evergreen Park, Applewood Park, Arboretum, Autumn Grove Park, John Rose Oval, Owasso Hills Park, Rosebrook Park, Victoria Ballfields, Concordia Park, Pocahontas Park, Mapleview Park, Oasis Park, Villa Park.

Q. Will the City provide hydrant access for watering? Is there a fee associated with the use of a hydrant? 

  • A. The city could provide hydrant access without a fee, depending on the proposed specifics.  

Q. Page 4 of RFP states Attachment L: Roseville’s public tree inventory, although it doesn’t seem to be attached-does this document exist? If not a public tree inventory, is there a general genus level distribution known? 

Q. Page 5 of RFP states “Vendor shall provide a standard one-year warranty for any planted trees.” What does a standard warranty comprise? Any tree death within 365 days of planting whether inside or outside of the contractor’s control? Or death caused by compromised tree stock, improper watering, improper planting?  

  • A. We would rely on the vendor to outline their proposed standard warranty as part of the clarification phase of the process. 

Q. How many hazardous ash trees have required emergency removal on public property in the past two years?  

  • A. We have generally removed ash trees that are close to becoming hazardous, but before they become an emergency.   We do not track specific “emergency” removals but in 2021 we removed 121 ash (mostly in poor condition), and none were considered an emergency.  In 2021 we removed 175 ash (mostly in poor condition) and none were considered emergencies. 

Q. To clarify, there is no transference of liability for the standing, City-owned ash population throughout the duration of the project (ie: Contractor is working on tree A, trees B & C fail-liability for trees B &C is still retained by the City). 

  • A. We are awaiting clarification on this and will follow up once we’ve received it.