2020 Census

Every 10 years, the U.S. Census Bureau conducts a census to count those living in the United States and its territories. The results of the census help determine congressional representation and federal funding. 

By now every resident should have received an 
invitation to complete the census. If you have not responded, please take a few minutes to complete the census. If a household does not respond by the end of May, a census worker will visit your home.

To help answer the census the U.S Census Bureau provides language support in 59 non-English languages

Complete the census at https://my2020census.gov/ or call 1-844-330-2020 for English or 1-844-468-2020 for Spanish.

Census Day is Coming

Why completing the census is important to Roseville?

The census is critical for a better understanding of our community. The data collected will be used for:
  • Representation: Census data determines the number of seats each state has in the U.S. House of Representatives, as well as districts for state government. Minnesota is at risk of losing a seat in Congress.
  • Funding: Census data guides federal spending allocation of approximately $884 billion to local communities every year. For each person not counted in Roseville, about $2,800 in federal funding is lost each year.
  • Planning: Census data helps federal, state and local governments plan transportation, schools, hospitals, senior centers, emergency services and other needs to best serve changing demographics. 
  • Businesses: Census data assists businesses in investing in the community including locating businesses, factories and stores, recruiting employees and conducting market research.
For more information, visit the Minnesota Council on Foundations to find out why its critical that EVERYONE counts.

2020 Census

The next census will be conducted in early 2020. Residents will be able to complete the census online or over the telephone.
On or Between You Will Receive
March 12-20, 2020 An invitation to respond online to the 2020 Census
March 16-24, 2020 A reminder postcard
  If you haven’t responded
March 26-April 3, 2020 A reminder postcard
April 8-16, 2020 A reminder letter and paper questionnaire
April 20-27, 2020 A final reminder postcard
August 11 to October 31, 2020 Census workers visit homes where a person has not responded

MN 2020 Census Videos

Watch and learn about the 2020 Census.

Census 101: Get Your Civics On!

Why should I fill out the Census? What good will it do me or my community? Answers here.

Census 102: Confidentiality in Our Bones

The nuts and bolts of the Census. How it’s done and what information is used.

Census Day!

Get ready for Census Day 2020.

Minnesota Could Be a Big Loser in 2020

Minnesota is on the verge of losing Representation in the US Congress.

College Students

You count, too!

How to get involved? 

The City of Roseville is collaborating with Ramsey County and neighboring communities with its Complete Count Committee. The purpose of the committee is to work together to reach a complete count of all residents. Diverse representatives from local governments, community organizations, individuals, faith-based groups, education, media and the local business community are working together to make sure everyone will be counted.

Anyone with an interest in helping raise awareness about the census is encouraged to join the Ramsey County Complete Count Committee.

Volunteer Opportunities in Roseville

Roseville will offers several opportunities for you to get involved with the 2020 Census. We are looking for volunteers who can talk with residents about the census and answer any concerns about completing the census.

Volunteers can help build relationships in communities that are traditionally under-reported. Bilingual volunteers are particularly needed to reach residents who are new to the country or just learning English. Training will be provided.

Volunteers will explain:
  • How completing the census impacts a person’s life;
  • That it is relatively quick and easy to complete; 
  • That assistance is available if you have language barriers, limited access to the internet or other concerns that make it difficult to complete the census form;
  • That personal information provided on the census remains confidential. Individual information will not be shared with any other branch of the government other than the Census Bureau. 
 Learn more about the census at Census 2020: Countdown to the Count.

Lastly, residents can commit to completing the census when it arrives at their home. 

To learn more about volunteer opportunities, contact Volunteer Coordinator Rachel Boggs at 651-792-7028 or Rachel.Boggs@cityofroseville.com.