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Roseville residents highly value the sustainability, natural resources, and recreational opportunities in the community, which is why the City has made it a priority to preserve, promote, and maintain these resources. Through the City’s Comprehensive Plan, participation in programs such as GreenStep Cities, and projects such as the ongoing wildlife habitat restoration in city parks, Roseville continues to strive toward building a sustainable future for all residents, businesses, and visitors.

 City Goals for Sustainability and the Environment

  • Maintain and operate parks, open space, and recreation facilities in a safe, clean, and sustainable manner that protects natural resources and systems and preserves high‐quality recreation opportunities and experiences.
  • Maintain or improve the water quality and ecological integrity of the City’s lakes, ponds, and wetlands.
  • Create a sustainable transportation network by encouraging more efficient use of existing roadways, limiting the need for future roadway expansion, and promoting walking and biking.
  • Protect, preserve, and enhance Roseville’s water, land, trees, and pollinators for current and future generations. 
  • Support the development of local renewable energy installations through outreach, partnerships, and policy to create economic opportunities and reduce community contributions to climate change. 

Sustainability Updates

2017-2018 Sustainability Update
2018-2019 Sustainability Update
2019-2020 Sustainability Update
2020-2021 Sustainability Update

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