Fire Department Phase II Program

What is Phase II?

The Roseville Fire Department is looking to develop and evolve our service model to better meet the needs and expectations of the community.  This program is called Phase II, which is a service and personnel driven program the fire department is excited to bring to the community for review and feedback.

How did we get here?

The department’s Phase I was an approach to develop improved consistency and stability with our response model.  This process involved the development and utilization of full-time firefighter staffing.  Over the years, one of the most significant issues the fire department has struggled with is consistent staffing and continuous recruitment and retention costs and issues.  Over the many years of the fire department it was found that this system was just not sustainable for the long-term.

The programs encompassing Phase II are meant to focus more directly on Community Risk Reduction.  Community Risk Reduction (CRR) is a data driven program to enhance resources and capabilities to more fully meet the risks within a specific community.  It is the fire department’s goal to improve all services provided with an increased focus on risk reduction within the City of Roseville.

Community Risk Reduction Components:

Advanced Life Support First Response
  • The fire department has been responding to emergency medical service (EMS) calls in our community for about 10 years.  We are not the EMS transport agency for the community; that is provided by Allina Medical Transportation.  However, the Fire Department has the capabilities of developing and taking on advanced life support medications, skills, and equipment to improved emergency care quickly to persons need it.
Enhanced Fire Prevention Programs
  • An enhancement in fire prevention programs is safer for everyone in the community.  Our citizens, businesses, and firefighters will be safer with increased opportunity and personnel to provide fire and life safety inspections, code enforcement, building plan review, and community education and fire safety outreach.
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Interested in learning more?

Check out the City Council presentation here or look at the slides here

Community Health Outreach and Advocacy
  • A significant difference the fire department looks to make with Phase II is an outreach in community medical care.  By developing relationships and partnerships with local hospitals and clinics, the fire department can take a proactive approach to community health by performing medical assessment and hospital discharge assistance to members of our community.  This, coupled with health outreach programs and education can assist our senior (and non-senior) community with medical assistance and care that may not otherwise have.
Sufficient Staffing for Critical Response
  • Fire and significant incidents are such an important role for us.  But, at times, we have found ourselves to be slightly understaffed to adequately perform all the initial tasks on an emergency scene.  Additional personnel will allow more flexibility to perform the initial critical tasks of firefighters at significant incidents.
The Fire Departments Phase II program is focused on our staffing and having the appropriate number of Firefighters on-duty, in the fire station, ready to respond to the emergencies within our community. It can often be hard to understand just how many firefighters are needed to provide adequate emergency response. Please take a moment to watch this NFPA 1710 video that helps to illustrate all of the tasks that must be accomplished during an emergency incident.

How Can You Get Involved?

The Fire Department is planning to host multiple events around the community in an effort to receive feedback and input on our project proposal and the development of Phase II.  Our meeting schedule is located on the right side of this page with dates, times, and location of the event.  The fire department would greatly appreciate your attendance and feedback at any one of these events.