Subdivision Code Update

City of Roseville is now seeking proposals to lead the process of rewriting City Code Title 11: Subdivisions. With a short list of exceptions, the existing subdivision code is essentially unchanged from its original format, which was adopted in 1956 to provide for the orderly physical development of a community that was substantially undeveloped. Since that time, Roseville has become almost completely built-out, and the subdivision regulations that were suitable for platting large tracts of open or agricultural land with many lots and new street rights-of-way are less well suited to guiding current applications, which predominantly involve further subdivision of individual parcels, transferring small parcels of land from one lot to an abutting neighbor, or aggregating a few smaller parcels into a larger lot for redevelopment.

We are looking for a consulting firm that understands Minnesota’s subdivision laws and that has the ability to develop a subdivision code that utilizes current best practices and establishes regulations that can accommodate Roseville’s modern range of applications, from large redevelopment plats to small minor subdivisions. Aside from some public input that may be offered in standard progress discussions at public meetings and public hearings, the subdivision code update is intended to be a technical update involving City staff. If you would like to submit a proposal, please be sure to identify when your firm would be able to start, how long you would anticipate the project to take, and what the overall cost would be.

Please submit a proposal to Bryan Lloyd, Senior Planner at or delivered to City of Roseville by 4:30 p.m. on Friday, October 28.