White-Tailed Deer

White-tailed deer are found in every MN County. They easily adapt to their surroundings, including urban locations like the City of Roseville. While being a beautiful animal to see in our cityscape they can also be an annoyance. With their keen sense of smell they are often able to find our communities blooming flowers, and ripe gardens. To deter deer from snacking on your landscaping, consider planting deer tolerant plants.

Reporting a Deer Observation or Incident:

If you would like to submit a citizen's observation or a deer incident, please complete the Deer Monitoring Report form.


Roseville's Deer Population

The City of Roseville has partnered with Ramsey County to complete helicopter aerial surveys of our deer population for over 12 years. Deer-car collisions and carcass pick-ups are also proactively monitored:
Based on the Minnesota Department of Natural  Resources (MNDNR)  Roseville has .77 square miles of deer habitat. This amount of habitat can sustain 15-19 deer. Results from the 2019 deer survey observed 45 deer in the City of Roseville.

To address the increasing amount of deer, the 2015 Wildlife Management Ordinance imposes a feeding ban on wild animals. For more information on Roseville's Wildlife feeding ban please, click here.

Additional Information: