2040 Comprehensive Plan Update

Please keep checking back to this website for regular updates on our process and progress, as well as opportunities to provide input and feedback. Your insights will make a difference to this community and our future together!  Click here to email us about the Comp Plan Update.

What's New with the Comprehensive Plan Update

Input Received in the Community Engagement Process

All of the feedback received from first phase of community engagement around the update of Roseville's comprehensive plan can be found here.

This is only "new" because Phase 1 is now complete. Phase 1 of the community engagement focused on envisioning the future of Roseville to establish and confirm the goals that will become the foundation of the updated comprehensive plan. This process involved a "kick-off" community meeting, intercept boards installed in various places around the city, community-led Meetings-In-A Box, a conversation with Roseville Area Middle School's Future Cities team, an online survey, focus group discussions, walkabouts, and the emails sent by community members.

Phase 2 of the community engagement effort will begin soon, and it will center on the process of incorporating the Phase 1 feedback into the updated comprehensive plan. Watch this page for updates about when and where to get involved in the upcoming opportunities to help guide the next stage of updating Roseville's comprehensive plan.



Transportation Plan and Pathway Master


The Public Works, Environment, and Transportation Commission, along with Public Works Department staff and a team of consultants, is responsible for updating the Transportation chapter of the Comprehensive Plan. You can find all of the information related to this part of the comprehensive planning effort at the Transportation Plan and Pathway Master Plan Update webpage.

Updating the Parks & Recreation Chapter of the Comprehensive Plan

The Parks and Recreation Commission, along with Parks Department staff and a team of consultants, is responsible for updating the Parks and Recreation chapter of the Comprehensive Plan.

What is a Comprehensive Plan?

A comprehensive plan is a tool for guiding the growth, redevelopment, and overall improvement of a city. For example, Roseville’s current 2030 Comprehensive Plan identifies not only a land-use plan, but also develops a broader framework to help shape the character of the community and enhance the quality of life.

What role does the Comp Plan have in shaping Roseville's future?

The current plan aims to do the following:

  • Create and sustain the elements that define Roseville’s character, heritage, and identity.
  • Influence the economic health of the community by attracting new investment and guiding it to proper locations and by protecting existing investments through the promotion of strong residential neighborhoods and business districts.
  • Shape the future of municipal government by identifying needed public improvements that facilitate and sustain development.

Why does the Comp Plan need to be updated?

Roseville has begun the process of reviewing the 2030 Comprehensive Plan and recalibrating it to ensure that it continues to reflect the community’s collective vision for its future and align with the Metropolitan Council’s plan for the region.
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What's Next

Planning Commission Comp Plan Update meeting

Date: Wed, October 19
Time: 6:30 pm
Location: Council Chambers
Topic: Draft of Housing Chapter and Draft of Transportation Chapter.

Economic Development Authority

Date: Tues, October 17
Time: 6:00 pm
Location: Council Chambers
Topic: Economic Development Strategic Plan

Planning Commission Comp Plan Update meeting

Date: Wed, October 25
Time: 6:30 pm
Location: Council Chambers

Planning Commission Comp Plan Update meeting

Date: Wed, November 29
Time: 6:30 pm
Location: Council Chambers

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