Abrakadoodle Art Camps

Abrakadoodle art education helps kids soar into the amazing universe of visual arts. Our creative & fun classes offer a thrilling format for art exploration. Kids are introduced to a variety of mediums & are encouraged to express themselves through their artwork in a supportive, positive & self esteem-building atmosphere. Colorful, engaging & fun lessons taught by professional & caring art teachers. Best of all, the mess is left with us.

All Abrakadoodle Camps would like you to bring a beverage, nut free snack & recess attire.

Disney Princesses & Pixie Dust    Ages 3.5-6 years    $97

M-Th June 27-30 9:00-12N
Oasis Park BLDG #1602.340

Calling all princesses and fairies. If you love Sofia, Emma, Ana, Tinkerbell & other princesses & fairies - this is the camp for you. Join us & celebrate all things magical as we make our own fairy wings, create sparkly wands, collage fairies & sprinkle them with pixie dust, sculpt our very own kissable frog out of clay, & more. Along the way we'll learn to walk, talk & curtsy like a princess. We'll also listen to girly music, read princess & fairy stories, use lots of glitter & sequins & have lots of fun playing princess. Costumes welcome.

Arts Crafty Fun    Ages 3.5-6 years    $97

M-Th July 11-14 9:00am-12N
Rosebrook Park BLDG #1602.342

This camp is an exciting and creative way to celebrate summer with arts & crafts. Your little one will play with caly & enjoy painting with bright colors as we practice fine motor & social skills in a fun and creative way. We'll have a great time printing, collaging, reading stories, playing games, singing favorite songs & more.

Cartoons Unleashed    Ages 5-10 years    $97

M-Th June 27-30 1:00-4:00pm
Oasis Park BLDG #1602.341

Cartoons are funny, cute, even comic book spectacular. Learn creative tricks to draw your favorite characters including Minions, Minecraft, Pokémon & other famous characters as well as funny animals, people, monsters & much more. We'll have fun creating our own flipbook & learn how to animate with a zoetrope. you'll get your own sketch book to take home at the end of camp. Learn the fun & easy step-by-step basics of cartooning.

Star Wars VII Art & LEGO    Ages 5-10    $97

M-Th July 11-14 1:00-4:00pm
Rosebrook Park BLDG #1602.343

Have a blast as you create a scale speeder bike, make your very own Kylo Ren light saber & learn how to draw & sculpt with clay characters like BB-8 droid, along with other exciting projects to bring home. Discover the creative force inside you as you have fun building astonishing Lego creations to complement our masterpieces. May the creative force be with you.

Ultimate Art Extravaganza    Ages 5-10    $97

M-Th July 18 - 21 1:00-4:00pm
Sandcastle Park BLDG #1602.344

Do you love art? Then join us & have a great time experimenting with all sorts of art materials like watercolors, pastels, clay, paper mache & more. We'll draw, paint, mold & collage amazing art projects to take home. From landscapes to dogs & even ice cream. You'll surely have a blast at this camp.

Best Doll's Camp Ever    Ages 5-10    $97

M-Th July 25-28 1:00-4:00pm
Rosebrook Park BLDG #1602.347

Bring your American Girl Doll (or your favorite doll) to this one of a kind summer camp. Each day we'll make amazing projects for you & your doll including doll-sized food, necklaces, accessories, tea cups, saucers & more. From sandwiches to s'mores to purses & rings, we'll have a blast creating dazzling things for our dolls. We'll end our camp with a super fun tea party for our dolls.

Ninja's & Dragons    Ages 5-10    $97

M-Th Aug1-4 9:00-12N
Oasis Park BLDG #1602.350

Immerse yourself in the world of Ninjas and Dragons! In this amazing camp we'll make our own ninja masks, ninja superstars & duct tape nunchaku, & we'll have fun painting & sculpting dragons. If you are captivated by stories of fearless Ninjas & tameable dragons then this camp is for you. We will delve into the wild, imaginative world of Ninjas & their dragons.

Clay Madness    Ages 5-10    $97

M-Th Aug 8-11 9:00-12N
Oasis Park Building #1602.352

Prepare to get messy & muddy. In this fun, hands-on camp we'll make animals, ornaments, pinch pots & even famous characters with all sorts of clay & dough, including Air-Dry Clay & Model Magic. We'll slab, pinch, hand build & sculpt our way through this creative camp that features an exciting combination of projects.

Extreme Fun Drawing    Ages 5-10    $97

M-Th Aug 8-11 1:00-4:00pm
Oasis Park BLDG #1602.353

New projects! Come to this amazing, fun class & learn to draw. We use an innovative step by step method, where kids use easily recognizable shapes to create animals, landscapes, still life & more. Learn about contrast, light/shadow & volume among other exciting things. Take your own sketch book home at the end of camp.