City Council Meeting Recap

Unofficial report of the City Council meeting of June 22, 2020

Economic Development Authority Meeting

Called to Order: 

6:00 p.m.


Mayor Dan Roe; Councilmembers Jason Etten, Wayne Groff, Lisa Laliberte, Robert Willmus

Business Items

Approved private redevelopment contract and awarded the sale of Tax Increment Revenue Note to assist in the development of affordable family and senior housing units at 1705, 1717, 1743 and 1755 County Road C

Approved request for Tax Increment Financing Assistance to acquire and rehabilitate multifamily housing units in the 1700 block of Marion Street, 100 block of Larpenteur Av and 1700 block of Woodbridge Court, known as the Brittany/Marion St. Apartments

City Council Meeting

Recognitions, Donations, Communications

Proclaimed July to be Parks and Recreation Month in the City of Roseville

Business Items
Held a public hearing and approved liquor license for Parkway Pizza located at 1909 Lexington Ave
Held a public hearing and approved liquor license for Sombrero Mexican Restaurant located at 1885 Perimeter Drive
Held a public hearing and approved vacation of drainage and utility easements for Centre Pointe Business Park
Held a public hearing and approved a minor plat for Launch Properties for Twin Lakes Station, consolidating three lots at 1700 block of County Road C into two lots and an outlot
Approved the Fairview Fire Station minor plat
Approved the Lexington Woods final plat and the public improvement contract


Approved June 8 city council meeting minutes
Approved June 8 EDA meeting minutes

Consent Agenda

Approved consent agenda including accepting update on the administrative services contract with Falcon Heights Fire Department, changing the polling location for precinct 8, approving conditional use for Roseville Leased Housing Associates to allow two multi-family residential buildings, and approving the City of Roseville’s COVID-19 preparedness plan

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

The next meeting is scheduled for July 13


Council recaps are not official minutes of city council meetings. Official minutes are posted on the city website upon approval by the city council.